Surface and Colloid Chemistry : Principles and Applications book cover
1st Edition

Surface and Colloid Chemistry
Principles and Applications

ISBN 9780367515973
Published April 28, 2020 by CRC Press
228 Pages 91 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Surface and colloid chemistry principles impact many aspects of our daily lives, ranging from the cleaners and cosmetics we use to combustion engines and cement. Exploring the range of this field of study, Surface and Colloid Chemistry provides a detailed analysis of its principles and applications and demonstrates how they relate to natural phenomena and industrial processes.

Surface and colloid chemistry at work in nature and industry:

  • rain drops
  • combustion engines
  • soap bubbles
  • foam
  • food products
  • air pollution
  • waste-water treatment
  • washing and cleaning
  • cosmetics
  • painting and printing
  • oil and gas production
  • oil spills
  • plastics and polymers
  • biology and pharmaceuticals
  • milk products
  • cement
  • adhesive
  • coal

The book begins with an introduction to surfaces and colloids. It describes basic considerations regarding liquids and capillarity, and examines the liquid-solid interface phenomena. It explores the physicochemical properties of surfactants, Langmuir-Blodgett films, adsorption on solid surfaces, and adsorption as it relates to cleaning processes. Then the author examines colloidal systems and thin liquid films before moving on to emulsion science and technology. The final chapter provides examples of applications in science and a range of industries.

Examples and Illustrations

Integrating real-world examples throughout the text, this volume stimulates readers to consider both fundamental theory and industrial applications. More than 100 figures elucidate the concepts described in the text. Sample questions and answers are provided where appropriate, along with detailed data and discussions. Pertinent references are offered to facilitate further study.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Surfaces and Colloids


Solid Phase–Liquid Phase–Gas Phase

Capillarity and Surface Forces (Liquids)


Surface Forces (in Liquids)

Laplace Equation (Liquid Curvature and Pressure)

Capillary Rise (or Fall) of Liquids

Bubble Formation

Measurement of Surface Tension of Liquids

Surface Tension of Liquids


Surfactants (Soaps and Detergents) and Physicochemical Properties


Surface Tension of Aqueous Solutions

Gibbs Adsorption Equation in Solutions


Spread Lipid Films on Liquid Surfaces (Langmuir–Blodgett Films)


Monolayer Isotherms on Water Surfaces

Self-Assembly Monolayer (SAM) Formation

Effect of Lipid Monolayers on Evaporation Rates of Liquids

Monolayers of Macromolecules at the Water Surface

Langmuir–Blodgett (LB) Films (Transfer of Lipid Monolayers on Solids)

Vesicles and Liposomes


Solid Surfaces—Adsorption


Solid Surface Tension (Wetting Properties of Solid Surfaces)

Contact Angle (θ) of Liquids on Solid Surfaces

Measurements of Contact Angles

Adsorption of Gas on a Solid Surface

Adsorption from Solution on Solid Surfaces

Surface Tension of Solid Polymers


Wetting, Adsorption, and Cleaning Processes


Oil Recovery and Surface Forces

Applications in Cleaning Processes (Surface and Colloidal Aspects)

Evaporation Rates of Liquid Drops

Adhesion (Glues) (Solid1–Solid2)

Colloidal Systems


Attractive Forces–Repulsive Forces

Kinetics of Coagulation of Colloids

Dispersions of Solid Particles in Fluids

Applications of Colloid Systems

Thin Liquid Films


Bubbles and Foams

Foams (Thin Liquid films)

Applications of Foams

Emulsions, Microemulsions, and Lyotropic Liquid Crystals


Emulsions (Oil and Water)


Liquid Crystals

Applications of Emulsions

Diverse Applications of Surface and Colloid Chemistry in Science and Industry


Applications of Scanning Probe Microscopes (STM, AFM, FFM) to Surface and Colloidal Chemistry

Drug Delivery Design (DDD)

Surface and Colloidal Aspects of Cement Industry

Diverse Industrial Applications


Appendix A: Effect of Temperature and Pressure on Surface Tension of Liquids (Corresponding States Theory)

Appendix B: Solubility of Organic Molecules in Water Using a Surface Tension–Cavity Model System

Appendix C: Gas Adsorption on Solid Surface—Theory

Appendix D: Common Fundamental Constants


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Dr. Birdi is a consultant to various national and international industries. He is and has been a member of numerous chemical societies, and a member of organizing committees of national and international meetings related to surface science. He has been a member of selection committees for assistant professors and professors, and was an advisory member (1985–1987) of the American Chemical Society journal Langmuir. Dr. Birdi has been an advisor for some 90 advanced student projects and various PhD projects and has authored nearly 100 papers and articles.