Surface and Interfacial Aspects of Cell Adhesion  book cover
1st Edition

Surface and Interfacial Aspects of Cell Adhesion

ISBN 9781138116214
Published May 22, 2017 by CRC Press
542 Pages

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Book Description

Cell adhesion comes into play in almost all domains of life. The range of situations in which it occurs, involving organisms, living tissues, microorganisms or single cells, is endless. Cell adhesion is involved in the binding of a cell to a surface, extracellular matrix, or another cell using cell adhesion molecules. It is crucial in the formation and maintenance of coherent multicellular structures. Cell surface adhesion molecules (integrins, for example) which transmit information from the extracellular matrix to the cell play vital roles in numerous cellular processes. Some of these include: cell growth, differentiation, embryogenesis, immune cell transmigration and response, and cancer metastasis. Also cell adhesion is involved in most of pathological situations. This book is divided into four parts as follows: Part 1: Fundamentals of Cell Adhesion; Part 2: Methods to Study Cell Adhesion; Part 3: Surface Treatments to Control Cell Adhesion and Behavior; and Part 4: Cell Adhesion in Medicine and Therapy. A bountiful information is covered in this book which represents the cumulative wisdom of many world-renowned researchers( physicists, materials scientists, chemists and biologists) engaged in unraveling the mechanisms of cell adhesion and how to mitigate or control it. It quite patent from the topics covered in this book that the subject of cell adhesion is truly interdisciplinary. This book should be of great interest and value to anyone interested in cell adhesion which is vitally important to human life.

Table of Contents

Preface Part 1: Fundamentals of Cell Adhesion How Substrate Properties Control Cell Adhesion. A Physical–Chemical Approach A. Carré and V. Lacarrière Is the Mechanics of Cell–Matrix Adhesion Amenable to Physical Modeling? A. Nicolas, A. Besser and S. A. Safran Modulation of Cell Structure and Function in Response to Substrate Stiffness and External Forces M. Hervy Cell/Material Interfaces: Influence of Surface Chemistry and Surface Topography on Cell Adhesion K. Anselme, L. Ploux and A. Ponche Bacteria/Material Interfaces: Role of the Material and Cell Wall Properties L. Ploux, A. Ponche and K. Anselme Role of Proteins and Water in the Initial Attachment of Mammalian Cells to Biomedical Surfaces: A Review P. Parhi, A. Golas and E. A. Vogler Part 2: Methods to Study Cell Adhesion Applications of Micro- and Nano-technology to Study Cell Adhesion to Material Surfaces F. Bruckert and M. Weidenhaupt Label-Free and Non-invasive Biosensor Cellular Assays for Cell Adhesion Y. Fang Cell Adhesion Monitoring Using Substrate-Integrated Sensors A. Janshoff, A. Kunze, S. Michaelis, V. Heitmann, B. Reiss and J. Wegener Methods to Measure the Strength of Cell Adhesion to Substrates K. V. Christ and K. T. Turner Use of the Atomic Force Microscope to Determine the Strength of Bacterial Attachment to Grooved Surface Features J. Verran, A. Packer, P. J. Kelly and K. A. Whitehead Continuous Photobleaching to Study the Growth Modes of Focal Adhesions A. G. F. de Beer, G. Majer, S. Roke and J. P. Spatz Cell Adhesion to Ordered Pores: Consequences for Cellular Elasticity A. Janshoff, B. Lorenz, A. Pietuch, T. Fine, M. Tarantola, C. Steinem and J. Wegener Protein/Material Interfaces: Investigation on Model Surfaces A. Ponche, L. Ploux and K. Anselme Addressable Cell Microarrays via Switchable Superhydrophobic Surfaces J.-Y. Shiu, C. W. Kuo, W.-T. Whang and P. Chen Part 3: Surface Treatments to Control Cell Adhesion and Behavior A Versatile Gradient of Biomolecules for Regulating Cell Behaviour, J. Racine, E. Luong-Van, Y. Sadikin, R. K. C. Kang, Y. S. Chu, V. Racine, J. P. Thiery and W. R. Birch Evaluation of Cell Behaviour on Atmospheric Plasma Deposited Siloxane and Fluorosiloxane Coatings M. Ardhaoui, M. Naciri, T. Mullen, C. Brugha, A. K. Keenan,M. Al-Rubeai and D. P. Dowling Similarities between Plasma Amino Functionalized PEEK and Titanium Surfaces Concerning Enhancement of Osteoblast Cell Adhesion K. Schröder, B. Finke, H. Jesswein, F. Lüthen, A. Diener, R. Ihrke, A. Ohl, K.-D. Weltmann, J. Rychly and J. B. Nebe Helium Plasma Treatment to Improve Biocompatibility and Blood Compatibility of Polycarbonate N. Gomathi, D. Mishra, T. K. Maiti and S. Neogi Surface Engineering and Cell Adhesion G. Legeay, A. Coudreuse, F. Poncin-Epaillard, J. M. Herry and M. N. Bellon-Fontaine Part 4: Cell Adhesion in Medicine and Therapy Selective Cell Control by Surface Structuring for Orthopedic Applications E. Fadeeva, S. Schlie, J. Koch and B. N. Chichkov Inorganic PVD and CVD Coatings in Medicine — A Review of Protein and Cell Adhesion on Coated Surfaces J. M. Lackner and W. Waldhauser Plasma Polymer Surfaces for Cell Expansion and Delivery S. P. Low, R. D. Short and D. A. Steele Adhesion of Cells and Tissues to Bioabsorbable Polymeric Materials: Scaffolds, Surgical Tissue Adhesives and Anti-adhesive Materials S. Suzuki and Y. Ikada Phagocyte Decisions at Interfaces V. Monnet-Corti, A.-M. Benoliel, A. Pierres and P. Bongrand Soluble Amyloid-β Protein Aggregates Induce Nuclear Factor-κB Mediated Upregulation of Adhesion Molecule Expression to Stimulate Brain Endothelium for Monocyte Adhesion F. J. Gonzalez-Velasquez, J. W. Reed, J. W. Fuseler, E. E. Matherly, J. A. Kotarek, D. D. Soto-Ortega and M. A. Moss

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