1st Edition

Surfaces of Nanoparticles and Porous Materials

ISBN 9780824719333
Published January 21, 1999 by CRC Press
812 Pages

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Book Description

This innovative reference collects state-of-the-art procedures for the construction and design of nanoparticles and porous material while suggesting appropriate areas of application. Presenting both synthesis and characterization protocols, Surfaces of Nanoparticles and Porous Materials contains over 3000 references, tables, equations, drawings, and photographs. It examines the thermodynamics and kinetics of adsorption involving organic and inorganic liquids, solids, and gaseous media.. Topics include characterization, transport processes, diffusion, and the adsorption of heavy metals, ions, proteins, and pharmaceutical organics.

Table of Contents

Preparation, characterization, and transport properties of nanoparticles and porous solids: synthesis of a polysilazane coating on a silica gel via chemical surface coating comparing liquid and gas phase chlorosilylations - a composition and porosity study; preparation of molecular sieves by pillaring of synthetic clays; engineering of nanosize superparamagnetic particles for use in magnetic carrier technology; acid-base behaviour of surfaces of porous materials; electro-optical spectroscopy of colloidal systems; NMR studies of colloidal oxides; polymer surface dynamics using surface-modified glasses via dynamic contact angle measurements; microporous structure of collagen fibres; adsorption a onto oxides - the role of diffusion; electrokinetic phenomena in porous media and around aggregates; transport processes in microemulsions; structural effects on diffusivity within aggregates of colloidal zirconia. Adsorption from vapour/gas phase onto nanoparticle and porous solids: characterization of energetically heterogeneous surfaces from experimental adsorption isotherms; computer simulations of the structural and thermodynamic properties of adsorbed phases; surface heterogeneity effects on adsorption equilibria and kinetics -rationalizations of the Elovich equation; single and multicomponent adsorption equilibria of hydrocarbons on activated carbon - the role of microspore size distribution; surface and structural properties of modified porous silicas; surface chemistry of activated carbon materials - state of the art and implications of adsorption; nanodimensional magnetic assembly of confined O2; heat of adsorption of pure gas and multicomponent gas mixtures on microporous adsorbents. Adsorption from the liquid phase onto nanoparticles and porous solids: charge regulation at the surface of a porous solid; surface ionization and complexation; the surface charge of alkali halides in their saturated solutions; ionic adsorbates on hydrophobic surfaces; adsorption of metal ions to humic acid; hydrous metal oxides as adsorbents for aqueous heavy metals; adsorption of ions on alumina; protein adsorption onto latex particles; adsorption of pharmaceutical organics on porous materials

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". . .provides a good overview of nanosurface science."
---European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics