1st Edition

Surgical Techniques for Cutaneous Scar Revision

Edited By

Marwali Harahap

ISBN 9780824719739
Published January 3, 2000 by CRC Press
504 Pages

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Book Description

Contains over 500 detailed photographs, drawings and tables that illustrate and clarify operative techniques in step-by-step detail!
This detailed reference supplies the latest and most comprehensive information available on new and innovative methods and techniques of cutaneous scar revision and removal.
Written by more than 40 contributors who address one of the most important problems facing dermatologists and surgeons, Surgical Techniques for Cutaneous Scar Revision

  • offers recommendations for the prevention of postoperative complications
  • discusses information on the biomechanical properties of skin
  • advises on planning elective incisions, excisions, and scar revisions
  • describes recent advances such as laminal dermal reticulotomy, scalpel sculptural technique, subcutaneous incisionless technique, and laser treatment
  • gives an overview of scar tissue formation
  • considers problems caused by an overgrowth of scar tissue
  • explores types of wounds and individual peculiarities that influence scarring
  • emphasizes careful study of an unsatisfactory scar and accurate scar analysis
  • stresses scar prevention and minimization by properly managing the initial wound
  • covers the cultural and psychological aspects of skin defects
  • and more!
    Responding to patient demand for more specialized and comprehensive treatment, Surgical Techniques for Cutaneous Scar Revision is an invaluable reference for dermatologic surgeons; dermatologists; reconstructive, plastic, and cosmetic surgeons; general surgeons; otolaryngologists; ophthalmologists; orthopedic surgeons; family physicians; and medical students in these disciplines.
  • Table of Contents

    Basic Considerations

    Wound Healing and Scar Formation
    Azim J. Khan and Brian Cook
    Biomechanical Properties of Skin
    Maurice Morad Khosh and Wayne F. Larrabee, Jr.
    Prognosis for Facial Scarring
    David B. Hom and Rick M. Odland
    Cultural and Psychological Aspects of Patients with Scars
    Emiliano Panconesi and Giuseppe Hautmann
    Prevention of Unsatisfactory Scarring
    Michel McDonald and Thomas Stasko

    Scar Revision

    Scar Analysis and Treatment Selection: The Geo-Topographic Approach
    Timothy J. Rosio and Marwali Harahap

    Resurfacing Techniques

    George J. Hruza
    Laminar Dermal Reticulotomy
    Harold E. Pierce
    Scalpel Sculpting
    Stephen N. Snow and Howard A. Oriba
    Laser Revision of Scars
    Tina S. Alster
    Cryosurgical Treatment
    Christos C. Zouboulis and Constantin E. Orfanos

    Elevation Techniques

    Larry E. Millikan
    Subcutaneous Incisionless (Subcision) Surgery for the Correction of Depressed Scars and Wrinkles
    David Scott Orentreich and Norman Orentreich
    Punch Transplant Technique for Pitted Scars
    Edmond I. Griffin
    Recollagenation of Acne Scars
    Steven Burres
    Dermal Overgrafting
    Abdel-Fattah M. A. Abdel-Fattah
    Autologous Fat and Dermal Grafting for the Correction of Facial Scars
    Greg J. Goodman
    The Overlap Technique
    Marwali Harahap and M. Reza Perkasa Marwali

    Excision Techniques

    Fusiform Excision and Serial Excisions
    Eckart Haneke

    Irregularization Techniques

    The Z-Plasty Technique
    Hisakazu Seno, Akira Yanai, and Shinichi Hirabayashi
    The W-Plasty Technique
    Takuya Onizuka and Fumio Ohkubo
    The Geometric Broken-Line Technique
    Terence M. Davidson and Drew M. Horlbeck

    Other Techniques

    Topical Silicone Gel Sheeting
    Michael H. Gold
    Surgical Excision, Radiotherapy, and Intralesional Steroids
    John C. Murray, Mitchell S. Anscher, Aaron J. Mayberry, and L. Scott Levin
    Pressure Technique
    Judith A. Carr

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    …The strength of this book is the comprehensive approach to the topic of scar revision. Readers benefit from reviewing a variety of techniques for improving a given scar….provides readers with a multiple approach to the problem….an excellent addition to the body of knowledge on cutaneous surgery….highly recommend[ed]."-Doody's Health Sciences Book Review Journal, 2000