2nd Edition

Surgical Transcriptions and Pearls in Obstetrics and Gynecology

By John E. Turrentine Copyright 2006
    216 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This source is an excellent introduction for the medical student, intern, resident, and private practitioner trying to learn a new Ob/Gyn procedure. The sections on important procedures teach how to perform the surgery and how it needs to be transcribed for the medical record. This revised, up-to-date guide will be essential for Ob/Gyn surgeons for performing common, uncommon, and new surgical procedures.

    Contents: Vaginal Procedures Fractional D & C Suction D & E Cystoscopic periurethral durasphere injections Transvaginal suburethral sling procedure Vaginal hysterectomies with and without support procedures TVH TVHBSO TVH with Lash/Morcellation TVH with anterior repair TVH with LSO TVH with BSO and posterior repair TVH with A & P repair TVH with BSO and anterior repair TVH with BSO and A + P repair TVH with BSO, anterior repair and sling procedure MIVH MIVH BSO MIVH BSO with appendectomy MIVH RSO and/or LSO Abdominal hysterectomies TAH with appendectomy TAH with BSO Radical hysterectomy Vaginal support procedures without hysterectomy Anterior repair Posterior repair A & P repair Enterocele repair with posterior colporrhaphy Sling procedure with A + P repair Laparoscopic procedures Diagnostic laparoscopy (open technique) Laparoscopic BSO with appendectomy LAVH (Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomies) Examples of operative laparoscopies Sterilization procedures Laparoscopic BTL (open technique) Minilap Pomeroy Miscellaneous obstetrical and gynecological surgeries


    John E. Turrentine

    "This publication may serve as a wonderful reference and guideline for the neophyte how needs a description of the game plan. It may also be of value to the more experienced surgeon - as a refresher, from time to time."
    -Neal H. Newsome, from the Foreword

    "The second edition of Surgical Transcriptions and Pearls in Obstetrics and Gynecology is a wonderful compilation of transcriptions and clinical wisdom that will be incredibly helpful for any new obstetrics and gynecology student."
    -Lindsay R. Fields, from the Foreword