1st Edition

Surprise And The Psycho-Analyst On the Conjecture and Comprehension of Unconscious Processes

By Reik, Theodor Copyright 1936
    304 Pages
    by Routledge

    302 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1999. This is Volume XIV of twenty-one of a series on Cognitive Psychology. Written in 1936, this book seeks to describe what is required of an investigator into the unconscious mental processes of another person, and what he achieves. By describing the psychological process of cognition from within, the author intends at the same time to trace the way from conjecturing to comprehending the unconscious processes.

    Chapter 1 Introductory; Chapter 2 Conscious and Unconscious Observation; Chapter 3 Noticing, Attention, and Taking Note; Chapter 4 From the Truly Startling to the Startlingly True; Chapter 5 The Psychogenesis of Analytical Interpretation and of Wit; Chapter 6 Knowledge Experienced and Knowledge Learnt by Rote; Chapter 7 There is No Royal Road Through the Unconscious; Chapter 8 Point of DePart ure, Pause, Resumption; Chapter 9 Concerning Tact, Time, and Rhythm; Chapter 10 The Distinction Between Memory and Reminiscence; Chapter 11 An Uncomprehended Case; Chapter 12 The Question of Evidence—Conjecture and Comprehension; Chapter 13 The Psychical Process of Conjecture; Chapter 14 The Original Nature of Comprehension; Chapter 15 The Instinctive Basis of Psychological Conjecture; Chapter 16 Concerning Reciprocal Illumination; Chapter 17 The Significance of Recurrent Reflection; Chapter 18 The Experience of Others in the Ego; Chapter 19 The Psychical Mechanism of Anticipation; Chapter 20 The Shock of Thought; Chapter 21 Psychological Cognition and Suffering the Courage Not to Comprehend;


    Theodor Reik