Survival, the IISS’s bimonthly journal, challenges conventional wisdom and brings fresh, often controversial, perspectives on strategic issues of the moment.

    In this issue:

    • Alexander K. Bollfrass and Stephen Herzog argue that despite facing major challenges, the global nuclear order remains resilient

    • Maria Shagina assesses Russia’s status as an energy superpower, concluding that it has a bleak future in the long term

    • Erik Jones argues that the war in Ukraine has disrupted the European Central Bank’s ability to operate by consensus

    • Jeffrey E. Kline, James A. Russell and James J. Wirtz contend that the US Navy may struggle to adapt to the pace of technological, social and environmental change

    • Ray Takeyh revisits the Iranian Revolution, finding that Jimmy Carter did not so much ‘lose’ Iran as misunderstand it

    And five more thought-provoking pieces, as well as our regular Book Reviews and Noteworthy column.

    Editor: Dr Dana Allin

    Managing Editor: Jonathan Stevenson

    Associate Editor: Carolyn West

    Editorial Assistant: Charlie Zawadzki

    Survival 64.4 (August–September 2022), pp. 1–184

    The War in Ukraine and the Global Nuclear Order

    by Alexander K. Bollfrass and Stephen Herzog

    Secret Intelligence and Public Diplomacy in the Ukraine War

    by Huw Dylan and Thomas J. Maguire

    What Putin Fights For

    by Andrew Doris and Thomas Graham

    Russia’s Arctic Designs and NATO

    by Liselotte Odgaard

    Russia’s Demise as an Energy Superpower

    by Maria Shagina

    The War in Ukraine and the European Central Bank

    by Erik Jones


    The US Navy’s Generational Challenge

    by Jeffrey E. Kline, James A. Russell and James J. Wirtz

    The Coup that Wasn’t: Jimmy Carter and Iran

    by Ray Takeyh

    Cold War Redux?

    by Russell Crandall

    Book Reviews

    Deterrence and Arms Control

    by Målfrid Braut-Hegghammer


    by Lanxin Xiang

    Russia and Eurasia

    by Angela Stent

    The H-bomb in the Swamp: Taking Nuclear War Seriously Again

    by Tyler Parmelee


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