Survival, the IISS’s bimonthly journal, challenges conventional wisdom and brings fresh, often controversial, perspectives on strategic issues of the moment.

    In this issue:

    • François Heisbourg assesses that Ukraine might have to accept the de facto division of the country to secure a fast track into NATO
    • Daniel Byman writes that state ties to terrorist groups are likely to feature in the western alliance’s long-term confrontation with Russia and in its rivalry with China
    • Juan Pablo Medina Bickel and Irene Mia assess that global climate mitigation and the energy transition could reinforce South America’s geopolitical clout

    From the Survival archives, the late David P. Calleo predicted in 1999 that a successful euro would enhance the EU’s diplomatic and military capabilities, while the late James Dobbins considered in 2012 how the US could prevent a war with China

    Dana H. Allin and John L. Harper reflect on long-time Survival contributing editor David P. Calleo’s legacy

    And nine more thought-provoking pieces, as well as our regular Book Reviews and Noteworthy column.

    Editor: Dr Dana Allin

    Managing Editor: Jonathan Stevenson

    Associate Editor: Carolyn West

    Survival 65.4 (August–September 2023), pp. 1–244

    How to End a War: Some Historical Lessons for Ukraine, by François Heisbourg

    The Wagner Revolt: Implications for Russia, Lessons for the West, by Nigel Gould-Davies

    Germany’s Strategic Reorientations, Present and Past, by Stephen F. Szabo


    Getting China Right, by Steve Tsang

    Europe’s China Problem: How Not to Feed Beijing’s Military–Civil Fusion, by Mathieu Duchâtel

    Australia’s Archipelagic Deterrence, by Andrew Carr

    How to Think About State Sponsorship of Terrorism, by Daniel Byman

    Geopolitics and Climate Change: The Significance of South America, by Juan Pablo Medina Bickel and Irene Mia

    The US in the Middle East: Stupid or Merely Fallible?, by John Jenkins

    Intelligence, Strategy and Governance in the Twenty-first Century, by Mitchell B. Reiss

    Seeking the Essential Kennan, by John L. Harper

    Book Reviews

    War, Conflict and the Military, by Franz-Stefan Gady

    Asia-Pacific, by Lanxin Xiang

    Russia and Eurasia, by Angela Stent

    The Strategic Implications of the Euro, by David P. Calleo

    War with China, by James Dobbins

    David P. Calleo, 1934–2023, by Dana H. Allin and John L. Harper


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