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    Survival, the IISS’s bimonthly journal, challenges conventional wisdom and brings fresh, often controversial, perspectives on strategic issues of the moment.

    In this issue:

    • Hans Binnendijk and David C. Gompert assess that Sino-US talks on nuclear stability should start with a nuclear no-first-use declaration

    • Irene Mia argues that fiscal constraints might prevent new leftist governments in Latin America from implementing their policy pledges

    • Agnieszka Gehringer makes the case that the EU will benefit in the longer term from reducing its economic dependency on China

    • Jean-Yves Haine observes that the Ukraine crisis may be more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis insofar as Vladimir Putin considers Ukraine strategically crucial to Russia

    • Cesare Merlini believes that the legacies of Henry Kissinger and Jean Monnet may help us to understand current trends in global affairs

    And six more thought-provoking pieces, as well as our regular Book Reviews and Noteworthy column.

    Editor: Dr Dana Allin

    Managing Editor: Jonathan Stevenson

    Associate Editor: Carolyn West

    Editorial Assistant: Charlie Zawadzki

    Survival 65.1 (February–March 2023), pp. 1–184

    Towards Nuclear Stewardship with China

    Hans Binnendijk and David C. Gompert

    Rethinking Arms Control with a Nuclear North Kore

    Toby Dalton and Jina Kim

    Can the Left Deliver Change in Latin America?

    Irene Mia

    The Crowded Red Sea

    Camille Lons and Benjamin Petrini


    Europe’s Fragile Unity

    Arlo Poletti

    Calibrating the EU’s Trade Dependency

    Agnieszka Gehringer

    Kindred Crises? Cuba 1962, Ukraine 2022

    Jean-Yves Haine

    The Resilience Requirement: Responding to China’s Rise as a Technology Power

    Andrew B. Kennedy

    Kissinger and Monnet: Realpolitik and Interdependence in World Affairs

    Cesare Merlini

    Gambling the World: The Cuban Missile Crisis Revisited

    Russell Crandall

    Book Reviews

    Russia and Eurasia

    Angela Stent


    Karen Smith


    Lanxin Xiang

    The Weakness of Indispensable Leaders

    Erik Jones


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