1st Edition

Surviving and Thriving in Health Practice The Integrated Practitioner

By Justin Amery Copyright 2014

    This extraordinary new series fills a void in practitioner development and well-being. The books take a reflective step back from the tick-box, target-driven and increasingly regulated world of 21st century health practice; and invite us to revisit what health and health practice actually are. Building carefully on the science and philosophy of health, each book addresses the messy, complex and often chaotic world of real-life health practice and offers an ancient but now almost revolutionary understanding for students and experienced practitioners alike: that health practice is a fundamentally creative and compassionate activity. The series as a whole helps practitioners to redefine and recreate their daily practice in ways that are healthier for both patients and practitioners. The books provide a welcome antidote to demoralisation and burn-out amongst practitioners, reversing cynicism and reviving our feeling of pride in, and our understanding of, health practice. By observing practice life through different lenses, they encourage the development of efficiency, effectiveness and, above all, satisfaction. The first book in this series, The Integrated Practitioner: Surviving and Thriving in Health Practice, encourages practitioners to consider the importance of their personal position as the foundation of health practice. It inspires practitioners to consider themselves as their own most important tool', encouraging them to take better care of themselves, and provides numerous opportunities for reflection through case studies and activities.

    Surviving and thriving in health practice. Introduction to the workbook series. Chapter 1: 'me'. Chapter 2: seeking happiness in our practice. Chapter 3: clarifying our perspective. Chapter 4: dedicating and committing. Chapter 5: practicing righteously. Chapter 6: becoming aware and mindful. Chapter 7: communicating effectively. Chapter 8: acting skillfully. Chapter 9: health practice as self practice. Bibliography. End-notes.


    I am a full- time practising family practitioner and children's palliative care specialist doctor working in the UK. I have also spent some years working in Uganda and other sub- Saharan African countries. I enjoy teaching, writing and mentoring. I am a medical student tutor at the University of Oxford, a trainer in general practice, and I have designed and set up children's palliative care courses for health professionals in the UK and Africa. I have worked with 'failing practices' to help them turn round; and also with health professionals who are struggling (as we all do from time to time). I have always had an interest in philosophy and spirituality, and have studied this at postgraduate level. I have carried out some research into education and training of health professionals around the world and I continue to explore that interest. I have previously written two books: Children's Palliative Care in Africa (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009) and the Association for Children's Palliative Care (ACT) Handbook of Children's Palliative Care for GPs (Bristol: ACT, 2011). I particularly enjoy reading and writing poetry. At heart, though, I am a practitioner and a generalist. What is more, as you can probably see, I am rather a jack of all trades, and a master of none. I have been motivated to write this book as I am hoping to explore practical ways of practising health that help us all, patients and practitioners alike, to become a little more healthy, and a little more whole.