1st Edition

Sustainability in Digital Transformation Era: Driving Innovative & Growth International Conference on Sustainability in Digital Transformation Era: Driving Innovative & Growth

    442 Pages
    by CRC Press

    In the past few weeks, OpenAI has released ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer). ChatGPT emerges as a formidable chatbot, surpassing various iterations of the GPT model, and plays a transformative role in user interactions with AI systems. In the dynamic realm of AI technologies, influential applications like ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, mir□ror the transformative consideration of the simplicity on multiple facets of our daily lives. This potent technology holds the potential for significant positive changes, particularly in healthcare where the introduction of GPT and chatbot models opens promising avenues for disease treatment and technological innovation.

    1 ChatGPT: Enabling human-like conversations and shaping the future of language processing
    Spoorthy Torne and Phani Kumar Pullela
    2 Revolutionizing modern agriculture: harnessing AI and IoT for sustainable hydroponic
    Akshay B and Phani Kumar Pullela
    3 Distance measure between picture fuzzy sets and its applications in multi-attribute
    Rozy and Satish Kumar
    4 Optimization in makespan working with like parallel machines
    Khushboo Malhotra, Deepak Gupta, Sonia Goel and A. K. Tripathi
    5 An overview of available solar panel cleaning mechanisms (SPCMs)
    Rishabh Chaturvedi, Arti Badhoutiya, Manish Saraswat and Nathiram Chauhan
    6 Adaption of multi-objective algorithm to improve performance and fuel optimization of
    hybrid electric vehicle
    Manish Saraswat, Rishabh Chaturvedi and Nathiram Chauhan
    7 Optimizing fuel efficiency in hybrid electric vehicles: a power-split approach with model
    predictive control and planetary gear systems
    Manish Saraswat, Aman Sharma and Nathiram Chauhan
    8 Control parameter optimization for parallel hybrid electric vehicles
    Manish Saraswat, Rajat Yadav and Nathiram Chauhan
    9 Li-ion battery and its life cycle assessment for hybrid vehicles
    Manish Saraswat, Aman Sharma and Nathiram Chauhan
    10 Evolution of energy storage in automotive products: from edison’s Nickel-Iron to the
    ongoing quest for lithium-ion dominance
    Manish Saraswat, Rajat Yadav and Nathiram Chauhan
    11 Design and evaluation of intelligent adaptive controllers for complex industrial processes
    Aditi Saxena, Manish Saraswat and Birendra Kr. Saraswat
    12 Intelligent resource management and optimization for edge computing in wireless sensor
    Aditi Saxena, Birendra Kr. Saraswat and Vijay Kr. Sharma
    13 Cyber securities challenges in the era of iot and connected devices
    Hemant Gupta and Manish Saraswat
    14 Analysis of machine learning: enhancing performance and interpretability through deep
    neural network
    Saloni Bansal, Birendra Kr. Saraswat and Vijay Kr. Sharma
    15 Mobile computing and its implication on system design, resource management and data
    Hemant Gupta and Manish Saraswat
    16 Exploring the application of machine learning techniques for anomaly detection in
    network security
    Krishna Kant Dixit, Birendra Kr. Saraswat and Vijay Kr. Sharma
    17 Exploring noval approaches for enhancing performance and effeciency in computer
    Reeya Agrawal, Birendra Kr. Saraswat and Vijay Kr. Sharma
    18 Advancement in wearable biosensor for real time health monitoring
    Saloni Bansal, Manish Saraswat and Birendra Kr. Saraswat
    19 Exploring the impact of microprocessor design on computer organization and architecture
    Krishna Kant Dixit, Birendra Kr. Saraswat and Vijay Kr. Sharma
    20 Diagnosis and exploration of portable executable (PE) malware using XGboost and other
    ML classifiers
    Nachappa Muckatira Nanaiah, Amit Gantra and Trapty Agarwal
    21 A unique and fortified ontological-based framework for healthcare services in cloud
    Beemkumar Nagappan, Vipul Vekariya and Awakash Mishra
    22 Biometric object or facial detection, identification and recognition system using python
    and deep learning models
    Ghanshyam Yadav, Jitendra Mohan Giri, Ravi Kalra, Irfan Khan, Pradeep K.Chandra,
    Abhishek Kaushik and Ashish Parmar
    23 Arrangement and capturing of malevolent packets in network using machine learning
    Rakesh Kumar Yadav, Raghavendra R and Amit Barve
    24 A pruned and refined ontological-based framework for mining of web logs
    Vaishali Singh, Murugan Ramasamy and Swapnil Parikh
    25 RDF and OWL-based searching model for retrieval of pertinent information
    Pooja Sapra, Kalyan Acharjya and Ganesh Dhandapani
    26 Knowledge exemplification mechanism via ontology construction in context of
    transmittable diseases
    Haripriya V, Daxa Vekariya and Sridhar Pappu
    27 Assessment of a unique and entropy-based system to diagnose dental diseases using KNN
    and MLP classifiers
    Karthikeyan M. P., Chintan Thacker and Satish Upadhyay
    28 Performance exploration of random forest (RF) and naive bayes (NB) classifiers in
    identification of phishing attacks
    Rohit Pandey, Sowmiya Kumar and Rachit Adhvaryu
    29 Performance assessment of gaussian process and MLP for categorization and dissection
    of diabetes retinopathy
    Warish Patel, Vinay Chowdary and Sanjeev Kumar Mandal
    30 Deployment and analysis of linear regression and REPtree for finding anomalies in
    network traffic
    Suneetha K., Kamal Sutariya and Raghav Garg
    31 Using MLP and convolutional neural networks (CNN) to perform decision making related
    to skin disease infections
    Neha Chauhan, Ganesh D. and Jaymeel Shah
    32 Creation of centroid clusters using canopy and cobweb clustering for likelihood of heart
    Shuchi Jain, A. Kannagi and Gordhan Jethava
    33 A distinctive and smart agricultural knowledge-based framework using ontology
    Vipul Vekariya, Sandeep Kumar and A. Rengarajan
    34 Assessment of random committee (RC) and additive regression (AR) classifiers in
    premature verdict of knee arthritis
    Rohit Pandey, Sowmiya Kumar and Rachit Adhvaryu
    35 Performance breakdown of SDG, voted perceptron and JRip classifiers in valuation of
    software imperfections
    Amit Barve, Raghav Garg and Gobi N
    36 A reappraisal scheme for data management in IOT
    Ritika and Suneet Kumar
    37 Triple band notch and slot loaded RMPA for Wi-Fi and 5G applications
    Ravi Kant Prasad, Manoj Kr. Vishwakarma, Karabi Kalita, Pramod Kumar and
    Ashwini Kumar
    38 Functional illiteracy and coping mechanism: a study on functionally illiterate consumers’
    decision making
    Mohd Danish Chishti, Mohd Ijlal Anjum and Nida Malik
    39 Empowering women through FinTech: bridging the gender gap in financial inclusion
    Kamakshi Mehta and Umesh Solanki
    40 Role of total quality management and its impact on operational performance of banks:
    a study
    Sukhjinder S Tagger and Varinderjeet Singh
    41 Impact of appraisal systems on employee retention in the FMCG sector in India: a review
    Vineet Mangal and Somesh Dhamija
    42 Performance management in the FMCG industry: an empirical analysis of its effect on
    employee retention
    Vineet Mangal and Somesh Dhamija
    43 Profit analysis of linear consecutive 2:3: G system in the presence of supportive system
    and repairable system
    Shakuntla Singla and Shilpa Rani
    44 Rental Cost minimization for Two stage parallel machine FSSP with transportation time
    Kanika Gupta, Deepak Gupta and Sonia Goel
    45 Reliability optimization of a system under preventive maintenance using genetic algorithm
    Shakuntla Singla and Diksha Mangla
    46 Analysis of the constant failure density of a component and its reliability
    Neeraj Singh, Nitin Kasana and Chetan Kumar Sharma
    47 A review on efficacy of gamified platforms for speech therapy
    Harshita Tuli,Bibek Kumar and Harshita Tuli
    48 Role of consumer behavioral intensions and sustainable fashion: mapping the intellectual
    structure and future research trends
    Mona Sharma, Yogita Sharma, Priyanka Chadha and Amit Kumar Pandey
    49 Language redundancy, information entropy, and cost efficiency in digital communication
    Amrita Pratap, Vijit Chaturvedi, R. Pratap and Amit Kumar Pandey
    50 Analyzing the buy now pay later (BNPL) industry: a SWOT analysis for strategic insights
    Dipti Kiran and Ashok Kumar Mishra
    51 Solar heat utilization and storage using solar cookware setups
    Rishabh Chaturvedi and Manish Saraswat
    52 Deterioration of solar cells performance due to presence of cracks
    Arti Badhoutiya and Birendra Kr. Saraswat
    53 Technical advancements in parking area management system (PAMS)
    Arti Badhoutiya and Nathiram Chauhan
    54 Smart air and noise pollution monitoring systems
    Rishabh Chaturvedi and Manish Saraswat
    55 Sensor based detection of the space availability in buildings
    Rajat Yadav and Birendra Kr. Saraswat
    56 Fire detection & fighting using deep learning method
    Aman Sharma and Nathiram Chauhan
    57 Controlling jatropha seed distribution through graphic solution
    Rajat Yadav and Manish Saraswat
    58 Evaluation of soil fertility using multi-SVM and K-means
    Saloni Bansal and Birendra Kr. Saraswat
    59 Utilization of IoT in smart irrigation system (SIS)
    Saloni Bansal and Nathiram Chauhan
    60 Optimising efficiency by drive cycle control in parallel hybrid electric vehicle
    Aman Sharma and Manish Saraswat
    61 Auxiliary source optimisation for charging systems in electric vehicle
    Kanchan Yadav and Birendra Kr. Saraswat
    62 Heuristic routing technique in optimizing energy utilization
    Kanchan Yadav and Nathiram Chauhan
    63 Design challenges for automotive application with wide-band-gap & scalable power
    electronic devices
    Yogendra Kumar and Manish Saraswat
    64 Neural system model & effect of soiling on PV modules
    Yogendra Kumar and Birendra Kr. Saraswat
    65 Diagnosis and controlling neurodegenerative disorders using machine learning methods:
    a review
    Krishna Kant Dixit and Manish Saraswat
    66 The influence of artificial intelligence on the the diverse financial sector
    Garima Singhal, Aniket Singh and Bhawna Kaushik
    67 Diagnosing cardiomegaly with the help of support model based on CNN using RES-NET
    Aniket Singh, Ritika Rai, Anita Chaudhary, Pankti patel and Bhawna Kaushik
    68 Fuzzy logic-based approach for real-life applications in IoT: enhancing intelligence and
    Savita Singh, Anita Chaudhary, Aniket Singh and Bhawna Kaushik
    69 Renewable energy technology
    Bhawna Kaushik, Pramila Chandel and Mayank Saini


    Dr. Rajeev Agrawal, SMIEEE

    Director, Lloyd Institute of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida

    Dr. Arun Pratap Srivastava 

    SMIEEE, Dean(IQAC), Lloyd Institute of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida

    Dr. Akihiko Sugiyama

    IEEE Signal Processing Society(SPS) Distinguished Industry Speaker, JAPAN Research Project Researcher, Yahoo Japan Corporation, Tokyo, Japan