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    The concept of sustainability has grown in recognition and importance. The pressure on companies to broaden their reporting and accountability from economic performance for shareholders, to sustainability performance for all stakeholders is leading to a change of mindset in consumer behaviour and corporate policies. How can we develop prosperity without compromising the life and needs of future generations? Sustainability in Project Management explores and identifies the questions surrounding the integration of the concepts of sustainability in projects and project management and provides valuable guidance and insights. Sustainability relates to multiple perspectives, economical, environmental and social, but also to responsibility and accountability and values in terms of ethics, fairness and equality. The authors will inspire project managers to be aware of these considerations, and to apply them to the role they play in projects, not just 'doing things right' but 'doing the right things right'.

    Contents: Foreword, Nelmara Arbex; Foreword, Miles Shepherd; Preface; Introduction, Gilbert Silvius, Ron Schipper and Adri Köhler; Sustainability in business, Julia Planko and Gilbert Silvius; Sustainability and projects, Gilbert Silvius and Ron Schipper; Incorporating sustainability in project management, Gilbert Silvius, Ron Schipper and Jasper van den Brink; Reflection and conclusion, Gilbert Silvius, Ron Schipper and Jasper van den Brink; Getting started, Ron Schipper and Gilbert Silvius; Appendices; Further reading; Index.


    Gilbert Silvius is professor at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht in the Netherlands and principal consultant at Van Aetsveld, project and change management. He is founder and program director of the Master of Project Management program at HU and an active member of IPMA, PMI and the ISO TC258. Ron Schipperr is project manager and consultant at Van Aetsveld, project and change management. He has over 15 years of experience as a project manager in realizing change in various organizations. Next to executing projects, he is interested in developing the profession of project managers and transferring this knowledge to others. Julia Planko works as researcher and lecturer at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht since 2008. She lectures in Economics and Marketing and supervises students with sustainability related research projects. Julia studied International Business Management and International Economics and worked as associate lecturer at the Berlin School of Economics. . Jasper van den Brink is an experienced project and program manager. He joined HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht in 2008. Jasper specializes in training project management skills and the behavioral competences of (project) management. His research includes the application of modern psychological insights in project management. Adri Köhler is a senior consultant and project leader in the field of ICT and business operations. He was the project leader of the development of the Master of Project Management at HU and was course director of this program.

    'Sustainability in Project Management thinking and techniques is still in its relatively early days. By the end of this decade it will probably be universal, ubiquitous, fully integrated and expected. This book will be a most valuable guide on this journey for all those interested in the future of projects and how they are managed in a world in peril.' Tom Taylor, founder of dashdot and vice-President of APM 'Project Managers are faced with lots of intersections. The intersection of projects and risk, projects and people, projects and constraints... Sustainability in Project Management is a compelling, in-depth treatment of a most important intersection: the intersection of project management and sustainability. With detailed background building to practical checklists and a call to action, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in truly implementing sustainability, project manager or not.' Rich Maltzman, PMP, Co-Founder, EarthPM, LLC, and co-author of Green Project Management, Cleland Literature Award Winner of 2011 'Great book! Based on a thorough review on existing relevant models and concepts the authors provide guidance for different stakeholders such as Project Managers and Project Office Managers to consider sustainability principles on projects. The book gets you started on sustainability in project context!' Martina Huemann, WU-Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna Austria 'While sustainability and green business have been around a while, this book is truly a "call to action" to help the project manager, or for that matter, anyone, seize the day and understand sustainability from a project perspective. This book gives real and practical suggestions as to how to fill the sustainability/project gap within your organization. I particularly liked the relationship between sustainability and "professionalism and ethics", a connection that needs to be kept in the forefront.' David Shirley, PMP, Co-Founder, EarthPM, LLC, and co-author o