4th Edition

Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry Principles of Sustainable Operations

    818 Pages 214 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    818 Pages 214 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This foundational textbook investigates the economic, environmental and social sustainability issues facing the hospitality industry today, and explores ideas, solutions and strategies of how to manage operations in a sustainable way.

    This updated fourth edition features new content including:

    • Research on nature-based solutions and zero-carbon approaches in facilities, technologies for energy, water and waste management, changes in consumer behaviour, and environmental and social impacts of food production
    • A new chapter on employees, diversity, inclusion and well-being in the industry
    • A new chapter on the challenges of operating in the Global South
    • More than 100 international industry case studies and focused info boxes
    • New practical exercises, discussion questions and research project ideas based on real-life sustainability scenarios

    Accessible and comprehensive, this book is essential reading for all students as well as current and future managers in the hospitality industry.

    1. The rationale for sustainable development 2. Sustainable development and the hospitality industry 3. Energy 4. Waste 5. Water 6. Facilities 7. Accessibility 8. Employees 9. Food 10. Food and Beverage Management 11. Certification and Ecolabels 12. Marketing and Consumer Behaviour 13. Environmental Management Systems and Key Performance Indicators 14. ESG, Environmental Accounting and Externalities 15. Investing and Financing 16. Reporting and Communicating 17. Stakeholder Relationships and Partnerships 18. Social Entrepreneurship 19. Challenges of Operating in the Global South


    Willy Legrand, Professor, Department of Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management, IU International University of Applied Sciences, Bonn, Germany.

    Joseph S. Chen, Professor, Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management, Department of Health & Wellness Design, School of Public Health, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA.

    Gabriel C. M. Laeis Professor, Department of Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management, IU International University of Applied Sciences, Bonn, Germany.

    "Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry: Principles of Sustainable Operations is a groundbreaking text that provides the most comprehensive information on implementing sustainability in the hospitality industry. The new edition offers a fresh look at the intersection of hospitality and our great social and environmental challenges. Great practical advice for implementing sustainability in lodging – a must-read for all hoteliers." -Dr Jonathon Day, Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Purdue University, USA.

    "I take my hat off to Professor Legrand, Professor Laeis and Professor Chen for the phenomenal and tireless work in finding and researching the best sustainable practices in hospitality, all around the globe. It is only by educating the next generation of hoteliers, designers and guests that we will change the way the world travels, and in turn, stand a chance of saving our environment. As shown through these many case studies, sustainability and hospitality can work hand in hand, and should be the norm rather than the exception - I am just honored that BENSLEY's work is considered part of the solution." -Bill Bensley, Founder of BENSLEY, Bangkok, Thailand.

    "It’s clear that the time for action is now. Thankfully, actions for our industry can be focused on catalyzing awareness, best practices, and solutions already found across the world. In compiling such a wide range of tangible, practical examples this book is an important resource for hotels and professionals at any level." -Eric Ricaurte, Founder and CEO of Greenview, Singapore.

    "In times of turmoil for the hospitality industry, the genuine and authentic focus on sustainability spearheaded by the young generation of leaders, students and mentees paints a very refreshing picture setting a RESTART for all of us engaged and dedicated to welcoming guests and providing the best service. It all starts with the young minds who will be reading those pages, and having a rethink of how we do things today and what would be the impact and outcome for tomorrow. Working closely with the young generation, listening to them and giving them opportunity to OWN, LEAD and deliver on their creative ideas is warmly welcome by our team. We thrive on their passion, laser focus to change the world and never-ending innovation in everything they do." -Marloes Knippenberg, CEO of Kerten Hospitality, Dublin, Ireland.