1st Edition

Sustainable Agricultural Systems

By Edwards Copyright 1990

    A unique look at how the adoption of sustainable farming methods is being pursued throughout the world. This comprehensive book provides clear insight into research and education needs and the many points of view that come to bear on the issue of sustainability. Essential for agricultural leaders in research, education, conservation, policy making, and anyone else interested in creating an economically and environmentally sustainable agriculture worldwide.

    An Overview of Sustainable Agriculture
    History of Sustainable Agriculture, Richard R. Harwood
    Making Agriculture a Sustainable Industry, N. C. Brady
    International Goals and the Role of the International Agricultural Research Centers, Donald L. Plucknett
    Sustainable Agriculture in the United States, J. F. Parr, R. I. Papendick, I. G. Youngberg, and R. E. Meyer
    Society's Stake in Sustainable Agriculture, Charles M. Benbrook
    Sustainability: An Opportunity for Leadership, Robert Rodale
    Components of Sustainable Agricultural Systems
    Soil Nutrient Management in the United States, Larry D. King
    Crop Rotations in Sustainable Agricultural Systems, C. A. Francis and M. D. Clegg
    Ecological and Agronomic Characteristics of Innovative Cropping Systems, Benjamin R. Stinner and John M. Blair
    Biotechnology and Crop Breeding for Sustainable Agriculture, Holly Hauptli, David Katz, Bruce R. Thomas, and Robert M. Goodman
    Pest Management in Sustainable Agricultural Systems, John M. Luna and Garfield J. House
    Evolving Strategies for Managing Weeds, Emile E. Regnier and Rhonda R. Janke
    Conservation Tillage in Sustainable Agriculture, R. Lal, D. J. Eckert, N. R. Fausey , and W. M. Edwards
    Pasture Management, Bill Murphy
    Role of Animals in SustainableAgriculture, Charles F. Parker
    The Importance of Integration in Sustainable Farming Systems
    The Importance of Integration in Sustainable Agricultural Systems, Cliive A. Edwards
    Integrated Farming System of Lautenbach: A Practical Contribution toward Sustainable Agriculture in Europe, A. El Titi and H. Landes
    Research on Integrated Arable Farming and Organic Mixed Farming in the Netherlands, P. Vereijken
    Sustainable Agricultural Systems in the Tropics
    Ecological Agriculture in China, Shi ming Luo and Chun ru Han
    Sustainable Agricultural Systems in Tropical Africa, Bede N. Okigbo
    Ecological Considerations for the Future of Food Security in Africa, H. C. P. Brown and V. G. Thomas
    Understanding the Basis of Sustainability for Agriculture in the Tropics: Experiences in Latin America, Stephen R. Gliessman
    Sustainable Agricultural Systems in the Humid Tropics of South America, Hugo Villachica, Jose E. Silva, Jose Roberto Peres, and Carlos Magno C. da Rocha
    Sustaining Agriculture: The Indian Scene, N. S. Randhawa and I. P. Abrol
    Policy Development for the Low-Input Sustainable Agriculture Program
    Policy Development for the Low-Input Sustainable Agriculture Program, Paul F. O'Connell
    The Role of Economics in Achieving Low-Input Farming Systems, J. Patrick Madden and Thomas L. Dobbs
    The Economics of Sustainable Agricultural Systems in Developing Countries, Randolph Barker and Duane Chapman
    The Economic Impact of Sustainable Agriculture on the Agricultural Chemical Industry, C. A. I. Goring
    Compound and Household Farming: A Sustainable System for African Agriculture, Natalie D. Hahn
    ociological Aspects of Agricultural Sustainability in the United States: A New York State Case Study, Frederick H. Buttel, Gilbert W. Gillespie, Jr., and Alison Power
    Socioeconomic Aspects of Machinery Requirements for Rotational Agriculture, T. S. Colvin, D. C. Erbach andW. D. Kemper
    Improved Ecological Impacts of Sustainable Agriculture
    Lower Input Effects on Soil Productivity and Nutrient Cycling, Fred P. Miller and William E. Larson
    Soil Erosion and a Sustainable Agriculture, John M. Laflen, Rattan Lal, and Samir A. El-Swaify
    Sustainable Agriculture and Water Quality, T. J. Logan
    Soil Microbiological Inputs for Sustainable Agricultural Systems, R. H. Miller
    Role of Sustainable Agriculture in Rural Landscapes, G. W. Barrett, N. Rodenhouse, and P. J. Bohlen
    Soil Biota as Components of Sustainable Agroecosystems, P. F. Hendrix, D. A. Crossley, Jr., J. M. Blair, and D. C. Coleman
    Agricultural Human Health, Katherine L. Clancy
    A Matter of Commitment, Stephen Viederman
    Sustainable Agricultural Systems: A Concluding View, Francille M. Firebaugh


    Clive A. Edwards

    "Highly recommended for all libraries supporting advanced undergraduate and graduate
    agricultural programs."
    Choice, American Library Association

    "A comprehensive text that address all the issues of sustainable agriculture. Because of the scope of the subject matter, the book contains valuable information for agronomists, agricultural economists, rural sociologists, and administrators in academia, industry and governmental agencies. Most of the contributors are experts in their respective subject matter, so this text should become a standard reference for sustainable agriculture."
    Journal of Environmental Quality