1st Edition

Sustainable Approaches to Urban Transport

Edited By Dinesh Mohan, Geetam Tiwari Copyright 2020
    329 Pages 74 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    330 Pages 74 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    As cities become increasingly congested, current transport patterns are unsustainable: heavy in energy use, high in economic and environmental cost, and exacerbating inequity between those who can access high-speed travel and those who cannot. Good urban planning develops human-scale cities and encourages modes such as bicycles, increased zones exclusive to pedestrians within cities, and changed fiscal policies to incentivize public over private transport. Equally, it requires good engineering design to manage road use.

    Sustainable Approaches to Urban Transport brings together contributions from leading international experts in urban planning, transport, and governance who suggest changes to make our cities more sustainable in the face of climate change. All professionals working in transport and engineering and planning students will find an overview of a broad field in this interdisciplinary collection of essays.

    1. Urban Transportation Planning

    [Geetam Tiwari]

    2. From Myth to Science in Urban and Transport Planning: From Uncontrolled to Controlled and Responsible Urban Development in Transport Planning

    [Hermann Knoflacher]

    3. The Neo-Liberal Urban Development Paradigm and Transport-Related Civil Society Responses in Karachi, Pakistan

    [Arif Hasan]

    4. City Design and Transport: Observations at Different Urban Scales

    [Philipp Rode and Ricky Burdett]

    5. Urban Layouts, Densities and Transportation Planning

    [Shirish B. Patel]

    6. Coming to Terms with the Complexity of Indian Urbanism

    [A. G. Krishna Menon]

    7. Urban Mobility: Is Anyone in Charge?

    [K. C. Sivaramakrishna]

    8. Railroading the Rules: Transport, Government, and Stakeholders

    [Dunu Roy]

    9. City Governance and Effectiveness

    [Gerald Frug]

    10. Alternative Transport Policies for Personal Public Transport: Lessons Learned

    [Hermann Knoflacher]

    11. The Changeable Shape of the City

    [Fabio Casiroli]

    12. Moving Transport: Injecting Transportation Planning in Nairobi’s Metropolitan Land-Use Agenda

    [Elliott Sclar]

    13. Urban Public Transport and Economic Development

    [Harry T. Dimitriou]

    14. Urban Mobility in China: Developments in the Past 20 Years

    [Haixiao Pan]

    15. The Potential of Casualty Prevention in Road Traffic

    [Matthijs J. Koornstra]

    16. Health Effects of Transport

    [Carlos Dora]

    17. Traffic Safety, City Structure, Technology and Health

    [Dinesh Mohan]

    18. Paratransit, Taxis and Non-Motorised Transport: A Review of Policy Debates and Challenges

    [Roger Behrens]

    19. Paratransit and Non-Motorized Traffic as Mainstream Road Users

    [Geetam Tiwari]

    20. Politics of Mobility and the Science (?) of Sustainability

    [Dinesh Mohan]


    Dinesh Mohan, Geetam Tiwari

    'The contributors to this volume bring to us the depth and diversity of the challenge we face in the way cities are conceived, adapted, designed, developed, and managed in a world confronted with increasing road accident fatalities, and disease and death due to climate change and atmospheric pollution. These contributions should help policy makers and researchers to better equip them for the road ahead.' - Planning in London