Sustainable Buildings and Structures: Building a Sustainable Tomorrow : Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference in Sutainable Buildings and Structures (ICSBS 2019), October 25-27, 2019, Suzhou, China book cover
1st Edition

Sustainable Buildings and Structures: Building a Sustainable Tomorrow
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference in Sutainable Buildings and Structures (ICSBS 2019), October 25-27, 2019, Suzhou, China

ISBN 9780367430191
Published October 1, 2019 by CRC Press
416 Pages

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Book Description

Sustainable Buildings and Structures: Building a Sustainable Tomorrow collects the contributions presented at the 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Buildings and Structures (Suzhou, China, 25-27 October 2019). The papers aim at sharing the state-of-the-art on sustainable approaches to engineering design and construction, and cover a wide range of topics:

Sustainable Construction Materials
Sustainable Design in Built Environment
Green and Low Carbon Buildings
Smart Construction and Construction Management

Sustainable Buildings and Structures: Building a Sustainable Tomorrow will be of interest to academics, professionals, industry representatives and local government officials involved in civil engineering, architecture, urban planning, structural engineering, construction management and other relate fields.

Table of Contents

Keynote lectures

Corporate social responsibilities for sustainable design and construction
M.J. Skibniewski

A software platform for civil infrastructure health monitoring
K.H. Law

Environmentally friendly techniques for quality-improving the recycled concrete aggregate
J. Yang, W.M. Shaban & H. Su

Human-technology reliability for sustainable civil infrastructure systems
P.B. Tang

Effective use of brick waste in concrete
G.M. Chen, T. Jiang, L.G. Li, X.M. Wang, W.P. Zhang & Z.H. Lin


Invited lectures

Sustainability assessment of bridge structures based on big data and carbon emission reduction policies
Y.F. Wang

Study on compressive performance of prefabricated composite column with steel angles
J. Ding, Y. Zou, C. Wang, T. Li & M. Chen

Ductile fracture of welded steel structures
L. Kang & H.B. Ge

Life cycle assessment and management of sustainable buildings
H.T. Wang, L. Zhang, Y.W. Liang & Y.Y. Liao

Deep semantic segmentation for 3D as-is bridge model generation
Y.Turkan & Y. Xu

A brief on cost controls of highway construction projects
Y. Liu, G. Gong & X. Zhan

New achievements and new opportunities and challenges in tunnel engineering in China
X. Zhan, G. Gong & Y. Liu


Sustainable construction materials

Roles of nano-silica and micro-silica in durability of concrete
L.G. Li, J.Y. Zheng & A.K.H. Kwan

Recycled aggregate from wet mix concrete
D.W. Law, C. Gunasekara, S. Setunge, M. Hogan & D.Thomas

Overview of the influence of internal curing in recycled aggregate concrete
B.F.N. Rahmasari, Y. Yu & J. Yang

Sustainability analysis of functionally graded concrete produced with fibres and recycled aggregates
R. Chan, T. Hu, X. Liu, I. Galobardes, Charles K.S. Moy, J.L. Hao & K.Krabbenhoft

Effects of particle morphology on the macroscopic behaviour of ellipsoids: A discrete element investigation
S.P.K. Kodicherla, G. Gong, L. Fan & Charles K.S. Moy

Electrochemical investigation of steel bar in slag-cement paste under coupled chloride and sulphate attack
H. Davoudi & X.B. Zuo

Development of optimized waste-containing concrete
J. He & G. Gong

A seismic integrity evaluation method of structures under multi-stage earthquake
H. Hou & W. Liu

Improving properties of recycled coarse aggregate (RCA) by biomineralization method
Z.W. Liu, C.S. Chin, J. Xia & V. Achal

Using travertine as pervious pavements to control urban-flooding and storm water quality
H.R. Rahimi, X.Tang, P.K. Singh & S. Rahimi

Compressive strength of recycled coarse aggregate pervious concrete containing cement supplementary material
L.N. Jia, J. Xia & M.D. Liu

Effect of basalt fibre addition to cementitious mortar at ambient and elevated temperatures
N. Revanna, Charles K.S Moy, T.D. Krevaikas, C.S. Chin & S. Jones


Sustainable design in built environment

Investigation of efficient self-powered sensors for vibrations in building floors
L. Di Sarno, T.E. Dada, A. Mannis, F.A. Fazzolari & P. Paoletti

Numerical evaluation of reinforced concrete frames with corroded steel reinforcement under seismic loading: A case study
F. Pugliese, L. Di Sarno & A. Mannis

Nonlinear dynamic analysis on progressive collapse resistance of a multi-story reinforced concrete building with slab
S. Nyunn, J. Yang, F.L. Wang & Q.F. Liu

Numerical modelling of structural behaviour of transverse beam under interior column removal scenario
S. Shah, F. Wang & J. Yang

Compressive behavior of FRP-confined steel-reinforced recycled aggregate concrete columns: An experimental study
Z. Xu, G.M. Chen & M.X. Xiong

Dynamic analysis of short-circuit effects on a flexible conductor system
P. Yang & G. Gong

A comparative study of concrete filled steel tubes using FEM & DEM
M. Zhu & G. Gong

Experimental and numerical study on seismic performance of the SRC beams to inclined circular CFST columns connection
B.L. Jiang, Y.M. Li & S.Y. Ji

Smart construction for urban rail transit based on energy-efficient bi-directional vertical alignment optimisation
C. Wu, S. Lu, F. Xue, L. Jiang, & G. Gong

Optimization of neutral section location on high-speed railways with consideration of train operations
R. Miao, C. Wu, S. Lu, F. Xue, Z. Tian & S. Hillmansen

Investigation on mechanical characterizations of metal-coated lattice structure
X. Wang, F. Yuan, M. Chen, J. He, P. Wang, Y. Yu & J. Li

Potential for the design of an energy saving facade system using agglomerated cork: Implications in subtropical climates
F. Afonso

Use of multi-agent system to switch driving strategy in rail transit and procedure simulation
Y.D. Guo, C. Zhang & S.F. Lu

Multi-agent systems for energy efficient train and train station interaction modelling
Y. Guo, Q. Wang & C. Zhang


Green and low carbon buildings

Semantic enrichment of city information models with LiDAR-based rooftop albedo
F. Xue, W. Lu, T. Tan & K. Chen

Experimental study on thermal comfort improvement of building envelope with PCM energy storage
H. Ye, Y. Wang & F. Qian

Effect of fiber type on mechanical properties of magnesium phosphate cements
T. Geng, Z.Q. Jiang, J. Li, & L.W. Zhang

BIM model for evaluating green building through its life cycle
X. Liu, L. Lin & Y. Gao

BEAM upgrade and cost premium for green building development
H. Wang, W. Tang & X. Zhang

The performance of the backfills of the borehole heat exchanger of the ground source heat pump system in cooling dominated region of China
W. Ma, J. Hao, C. Zhang, H. Wen & F. Guo

Intelligent design of climate responsive skin in modern buildings
J.Y. Ying & Z. Zhuang

Analysis of key factors causing delay in green buildings: An empirical study in China
M. Sajjad & Z. Pan

Critical success factors for sustainable mass housing projects in developing countries: A case study of Nigeria
M.M. Mukhtar & M.M. Mustapha


Smart construction and construction management

Design for construction waste management
J. Xu & W. Lu

Behaviour and big data in construction waste management: A critical review of research
M.W.W. Lee & W. Lu

Construction waste cross jurisdictional trade under PESTEL context
Z. Bao, W. Lu, B. Chi, C.S. Chin & J. Hao

A new strategy framework for construction waste recycling in China
H. Guo & W. Lu

Developing information requirements for BIM-enabled quantity surveying practice: An adaptation approach
J. Wang & W.S. Lu

Influence of scene crisis perception on the coping behavior of public during shopping mall fire
X. Gu, Y. Chen, Y. Peng & M. Liu

Challenges of off-site construction: A critical review
L. Hou & Y.T. Tan

Real-time 3D reconstruction using SLAM for building construction
T. Qian & C. Zhang

Social impact assessment for sponge city PPPs: Framework and indicators
J. Guo, W. Li & J. Yuan

Effects of random measurement errors on a linear DEM error model: A case study using TLS point clouds
L. Fan, G. Gong & C. Zhang

Exploring the influence of information technology on learning performance: A case study of construction management students
S. Zhang, Y. Hua & S. Galvin

Feasibility analysis of an automated construction progress management system based on indoor positioning technology
W. Shen & C. Zhang

SWOT analysis for using BIM for infrastructure across the whole lifecycle of transportation projects
Z. Li, F. Guo, & D. Schaefer

Financial subsidies to further construction waste resources utilization through a game theory model
S.H. Chen, J.L. Hao, B.Q. Cheng, C.M. Herr, J.J. Wang & J. Xu

Lean construction application: A case study in Suzhou, China
W. Xing, J. Hao, D. Wu, L. Qian & K.S. Sikora

Application of an intelligent safety helmet to construction site safety management
X. Zhang, M. Zhou, L. Dai & K. Zhou

Developing sustainability performance evaluation indicators of PPP projects: A case study
Q. Sun, S. Zhang & W. Lu

Enlightenment of the construction of zero waste city in Singapore to China
J.F. Zhu, T.B. Yang, S.H. Chen, Z.H.L. Huang, J.L. Hao, B. P. Jose & B.Q. Cheng

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All editors are working at the Department of Civil Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong – Liverpool University, China.