1st Edition

Sustainable Cities Reimagined Multidimensional Assessment and Smart Solutions

Edited By Stanislav E. Shmelev Copyright 2020
    350 Pages 79 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    350 Pages 79 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    To assess urban sustainability performance, this book explores several clusters of cities, including megacities, cities of the Global South, European and North American cities, cities of the Middle East and North Africa, cities of Central and South East Asia, a city state of Singapore and a large group of global cities. It applies a multi-criteria approach using a panel of environmental, economic, social and smart indicators to assess progress and policies in global cities including London, New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Los Angeles, São Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Moscow, Beijing, Seoul, Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney, Tokyo and many others.

    Additional attention is given to the issues of climate change, poverty and smart dimensions, with renewable energy and the drivers of urban CO2 emissions playing the central role. This book is abundant with case studies considering strategies, policies and performance of the leading cities, including San Francisco, Stockholm and Seoul in greater depth, exploring how their successes can be used by other cities. The book identifies key linkages between different smart and sustainability dimensions as well as investment opportunities in cities with sustainability potential.

    This book will be of great interest to policy makers, city and regional authorities as well as scholars and students of urban planning and sustainable development aiming to facilitate a sustainability transition in our cities around the world.

    1. Methods and Indicators for Urban Sustainability Assessment Stanislav Shmelev and Irina Shmeleva

    2. Global Urban Sustainability Benchmarking: A Multidimensional Approach for Smart and Sustainable Cities Stanislav Shmelev and Irina Shmeleva

    3. Comparative analysis of indicator-based urban sustainability assessment frameworks Ellie Tonks and Stanislav Shmelev

    4. Indicator-Based Multi-Criteria Urban Sustainability Assessment Under Varying Policy Priorities Stanislav Shmelev and Ellie Tonks

    5. Multidimensional Sustainability Assessment for the Cities of the Global South: the PROMETHEE Approach Stanislav Shmelev and Bei Zhang

    6. Sustainability assessment of megacities using environmentally extended input-output analysis and network theory: The case of Singapore Stanislav Shmelev and Harrison Brook

    7. Multidimensional Assessment of Sustainability of Taipei and Almaty Zhanar M. Kadyrkhanova, Stanislav E. Shmelev, Rimma K. Sagiyeva, Yelena Y. Chzhan and Irina A. Shmeleva

    8. Multidimensional Sustainability Benchmarking of the Cities of the Middle East and North Africa Tobias Schnitzler and Stanislav Shmelev

    9. City Poverty Indexes: Participatory Approaches to Leave No One Behind John W. Taylor and Mohammad Kamruzzaman Palash

    10. Cities and renewable energy David Elliott

    11. How sustainable is smart and how smart is sustainable? Irina Shmeleva and Stanislav Shmelev


    Stanislav E. Shmelev is Director of Environment Europe Ltd, Oxford, UK, and a Visiting Lecturer at the University of St Gallen, Switzerland.

    "Since the early 1990s, cities and researchers have made strong efforts to measure urban sustainability. The emerging indicator framework for Sustainable Development Goal 11 on ‘making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable’ provides clear guidance to governments at different levels to assess progress. This book offers a diverse set of complementary perspectives, which may inspire academia and urban practitioners alike to continue exploring the deeper assessment of urban sustainability."Raf Tuts, Director, Programme Division, UN-Habitat

    "An Indian saying states that we do not inherit the planet, but rather we borrow it from our children and generations to come. When we consider that civilization as we know it is 6,000 years old, the detrimental consequences of inhabitation, affluence, and industrialization over the past 200 years cannot be overstated. Sustainable Cities Reimagined is a meticulously researched assessment of all forms of global cities — autonomous cities, megacities, clusters, and city states. It is a much-needed resource in this tsunami of global crises, which includes exploding global population, C02 emissions and climate change, renewable energy resources in the age of peak oil, social inequities and public health, and adequate affordable housing for a burgeoning populace. Analyzing, understanding, and evaluating multi-disciplinary data sets of indicators such as economic, environmental, physical and social is crucial to ensure a sustainable livelihood for future generations. Stanislav Shmelev’s extensive collection of data serves as a benchmark for all who are in a position to affect change that will impacts our communities, our cities, and our Earth home as a whole." — Dhiru Thadani, AIA, APA, FCNU, Board Member, ISOCARP, the author of The Language of Towns and Cities: A Visual Dictionary (2010), co-editor of Leon Krier: The Architecture of Community (2009) and author of Visions of Seaside: Foundations / Evolution / Imagination / Built & Unbuilt Architecture (2013)

    "This book is based on an extraordinary amount of research. It shows that future-proofing the world's cities is one of humanity's greatest challenges. Now the time has come to create urban systems that are truly compatible with the world's ecosystems on whose integrity human existence ultimately depends." Herbert Girardet, Member of the Club of Rome, co-founder of the World Future Council, the author of Cities, People, Planet: Urban Development and Climate Change, (2004 and 2008), A Renewable World: Energy, Ecology, Equality (2009) and Creating Regenerative Cities (2015)

    "Fabulous collection of data on cities of the World. Successful climate policies are hardly conceivable without using those data!"Ernst von Weizsäcker, Professor, former Chairman of the Bundestag's Environment Committee and Co-President of the Club of Rome