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Sustainable Cities Research Series

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The Sustainable Cities Research Series was set up in 2016, and focusses on ecodesign theory and applications in urban and building design. The first volume published covers the topics Ecodesign of buildings, neighbourhoods, and infrastructure, including transport and land use modeling, energy performance of buildings, biodiversity issues. We would be delighted to consider new book proposals for publishing in the series, please contact the series editor for further information.

The objective of this series is to provide knowledge on green urban design to help architects, engineers, researchers and students including beginners in the field with their actual works. Each book of the series provides knowledge from the fundamentals to the cutting edge on a specific aspect of ecodesign by explaining essential results that an excellent researcher obtained throughout his/her career. Although some of the results may already have been published in high level academic journals, the author can better and more comprehensively explain the research to the readers in book form than in papers published in the journals. The compilation of the many essential results in the book offers the reader a panoramic view at a glance as to how to develop research in the field, and furthermore enables the audience to see far ahead into the future of the field.

This series covers the field of ecodesign related to thermal and energy simulation of buildings, land use and transport integrated models, life cycle assessment applied to buildings and infrastructure, impact assessment of urban districts in terms of biodiversity. It also covers the field of technological innovation (e.g. smart cities, renewable energy systems, urban agriculture), environmental concerns (carbon neutrality, air quality, noise pollution, effects of climate change) and sociological aspects regarding the inhabitants’ behaviour (e.g. domestic waste sorting, water and energy saving etc.) among other areas.

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Eco-Design of Buildings and Infrastructure Developments in the Period 2016–2020

Eco-Design of Buildings and Infrastructure: Developments in the Period 2016–2020

1st Edition

Edited By Bruno Peuportier, Fabien Leurent, Jean Roger-Estrade
September 27, 2023

The Chair Eco-design of buildings and infrastructure, a partnership between three engineering colleges (MINES ParisTech, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and AgroParisTech) and the VINCI group, aims to create measurement and simulation tools which integrate all the dimensions of eco-design (greenhouse gas...

Eco-design of Buildings and Infrastructure

Eco-design of Buildings and Infrastructure

1st Edition

Edited By Bruno Peuportier, Fabien Leurent, Jean Roger-Estrade
December 12, 2019

The Chair on Ecodesign for buildings and infrastructures was created by ParisTech in partnership with VINCI with the aim of developing evaluation and simulation tools that integrate all ecodesign aspects (e.g. greenhouse gas emissions, impact on biodiversity, depletion of resources, etc.) and ...

Public Spaces for Water A Design Notebook

Public Spaces for Water: A Design Notebook

1st Edition

By Maria Matos Silva
December 09, 2019

This illustrated notebook highlights the need for a change of paradigm in current flood management practices, one that acknowledges the wide-ranging and interdisciplinary benefits brought by public space design. Reassessing and improving established flood management methods, public spaces are faced...

Successful Building Using Ecodesign

Successful Building Using Ecodesign

1st Edition

By Christophe Gobin
October 08, 2018

The notion of ecodesign has now clearly become part of the building sector. It involves taking into consideration environmental issues that are indispensible in constructing our living environment. However, this method, which is industrial in origin, clearly shows that buildings are not the result ...

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