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Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies Proceedings of the Conference on Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies, 11-13 June 2007, Coventry, United Kingdom

    The construction materials industry is a major user of the world’s resources.  While enormous progress has been made towards sustainability, the scope and opportunities for improvements are significant. 


    To further the effort for sustainable development, a conference on Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies was held at Coventry University, Coventry, U.K., from June 11th - 13th, 2007, to highlight case studies and research on new and innovative ways of achieving sustainability of construction materials and technologies.  This book presents selected, important contributions made at the conference.  Over 190 papers from over 45 countries were accepted for presentation at the conference, of which approximately 100 selected papers are published in this book.  The rest of the papers are published in two supplementary books.


    Topics covered in this book include: sustainable alternatives to natural sand, stone, and Portland cement in concrete; sustainable use of recyclable resources such as fly ash, ground municipal waste slag, pozzolan, rice-husk ash, silica fume, gypsum plasterboard (drywall), and lime in construction; sustainable mortar, concrete, bricks, blocks, and backfill; the economics and environmental impact of sustainable materials and structures; use of construction and demolition wastes, and organic materials (straw bale, hemp, etc.) in construction; sustainable use of soil, timber, and wood products; and related sustainable construction and rehabilitation technologies.




    Topics include:

    • Contributions of the concrete industry toward sustainable development
    • An experimental investigation on the viability of using fine concrete recycled aggregate in concrete production
    • Effect of different recycled aggregates on mortar performance
    • Utilization of organo-modified reservoir sludge as fine aggregates in cement mortars
    • Study on fly ash-saturation in cementitious materials
    • Ultra fine fly ash concrete
    • Strength of mortar and concrete using fine powder of molten slag made from municipal waste as a cementitious material
    • Extending experimental data to investigate phosphogypsume use in light brick by Artificial Neural Networks
    • Biostore: towards sustainable composite waste reuse
    • Review of composting and anaerobic digestion of municipal solid waste and a methodological proposal for a mid-size city
    • Innovative use of clay backfill at the new Wembley Stadium, UK
    • Compressive response of plastered straw bale wall panels

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    Yoon-Moon Chun (University of Milwaukee, USA) (Edited by) , Peter Claisse (Coventry University, UK) (Edited by) , Tarun R. Naik (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA) (Edited by) , Eshmaiel Ganjian (Coventry University, UK) (Edited by)