1st Edition

Sustainable Development and Geographical Space Issues of Population, Environment, Globalization and Education in Marginal Regions

By Heikki Jussila, Roser Majoral Copyright 2017

    This title was first published in 2002: While world-wide political, sociological and economic processes encourage the marginalization of peripheral areas, the general degradation of the ecosystem increasingly affects marginal populations as they are more likely to use natural resources. The fact that these communities suffer greatly from environmental, economic and social problems also tends to prevent them adopting a sustainable use of these local resources. Using a series of international case studies from both developed and developing countries, this remarkable volume explores issues of sustainable development in marginalized regions of the world. It discusses population development and sustainability, as well as environment and sustainability, from the point of view of regional development. It also examines globalization and the role of education in encouraging a sustainable path of development. A common focus shared by the contributors is that of the human aspects of development, as well as the concept of sustainability and its usefulness in geographical and economic research. The volume provides an insightful overview of the issues that touch sustainability in marginal and critical regions.

    Contents: Introduction, Heikki Jussila, Roser Majoral and Bradley Cullen. Population and Sustainability: From unity to present - spatial aspects of population development in Tuscany seen on maps, Maria Andreoli, Heikki Jussila and Vittorio Tellarini; Patterns of population sustainability in the US Midlands, J. Clark Archer and Richard E. Lonsdale; Economic growth, ecological consequences and depopulation in the rural areas of Galicia (Spain), Rubén Lois Gonzáles; Local poverty in Finland in 1995, Jarmo Rusanen, Toivo Muilu, Alfred Colpaert and Arvo Naukkarinen; Regional imbalances in Spain at the end of the century, Roser Majoral and Dolores Sánchez-Aguilera; Job development and regional structure - local examples of growing and declining industries in Northern Finland, Toivo Muilu; Rural development and marginal areas in Slovenia, Stanko Pelc. Environment and Sustainability: Establishing a sustainable conservation policy in northern Saudi Arabia, Gareth Jones and Ahmed Al Modayan; Biosphere reserves - sustainable development of marginal regions?, Walter Leimgruber and Thomas Hammer; Sorghum based farm systems in Botswana - the challenges of improving livelihood in a drought prone environment, Charles E. Bussing and David W. Norman; Global change and community self-reliance strategies in Southern Africa, Etienne Nel; Subsistence and marginal lands - an Alaskan political and geographical issue, Donald F. Lynch and Roger W. Pearson; Traditional water rights in northern New Mexico, Olen Paul Matthews. Global Economic Development and Sustainability: Spatial shifts in production and consumption - marginality patterns in the new international division of labour, Assefa Mehretu, Bruce W.M. Pigozzi and Lawrence M. Sommers; Economic change and transportation deregulation in selected marginal and critical areas the US Pacific Northwest, Steven Kale; Nearer the core - the fishing sector in one of Europe's marginal regions, Xose Santos-Solla; Tourism and sustai


    Heikki Jussila, University of Oulu, Finland. I have done research in the issues of rural development and northern issues since I have joined the group of researchers doing research on the issues of marginality within the framework of IGU. During the past years I have been the secretary of the IGU Commission that had the task to investigate the issues of marginality. During that period I have edited together with Prof. Majoral, Prof. Mutambirwa, Prof. Delgado-Cravidao and Prof. Leimgruber four books regarding the issues of marginality in global context. All these have been published by Ashgate, the first with Prof. Majoral and Leimgruber was an Avebury publication. Prof. Majoral University of Barcelona, Spain, has been doing research on the issues of marginality in Spain. Her work has concentrated in defining and delimiting the phenomenon in Spain. She has also published volumes regarding the issues of marginality and rurality in Spain. Prof. Bradley Cullen University of New Mexico, USA, has been working on the issues of marginality in the context of resource use and has done work on the issue of how resource communities have changed in the USA.