Sustainable Development and Innovations in Marine Technologies : Proceedings of the 18th International Congress of the Maritme Association of the Mediterranean (IMAM 2019), September 9-11, 2019, Varna, Bulgaria book cover
1st Edition

Sustainable Development and Innovations in Marine Technologies
Proceedings of the 18th International Congress of the Maritme Association of the Mediterranean (IMAM 2019), September 9-11, 2019, Varna, Bulgaria

ISBN 9780367409517
Published August 19, 2019 by CRC Press
656 Pages

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Book Description

Sustainable Development and Innovations in Marine Technologies includes the papers presented at the 18th International Congress of the Maritime Association of the Mediterranean (IMAM 2019, Varna, Bulgaria, 9-11 September 2019).

Sustainable Development and Innovations in Marine Technologies includes a wide range of topics: Aquaculture & Fishing; Construction; Defence & Security; Design; Dynamic response of structures; Degradation/ Defects in structures; Electrical equipment of ships; Human factors; Hydrodynamics; Legal/Social aspects; Logistics; Machinery & Control; Marine environmental protection; Materials; Navigation; Noise; Non-linear motions – manoeuvrability; Off-shore and coastal development; Off-shore renewable energy; Port operations; Prime movers; Propulsion; Safety at sea; Safety of Marine Systems; Sea waves; Seakeeping; Shaft & propellers; Ship resistance; Shipyards; Small & pleasure crafts; Stability; Static response of structures; Structures, and Wind loads.

The IMAM series of Conferences started in 1978 when the first Congress was organised in Istanbul, Turkey. IMAM 2019 is the eighteenth edition, and in its nearly forty years of history, this biannual event has been organised throughout Europe. Sustainable Development and Innovations in Marine Technologies is essential reading for academics, engineers and all professionals involved in the area of sustainable and innovative marine technologies.

Table of Contents

Keynote lecture

The development of Second Generation Intact Stability Criteria
A. Francescutto

Special session in honour of Prof. Pentscho Pentschew

Ultimate strength of box girders considering welding residual stresses
T. Lindemann, E. Backhaus, Z. Bi & P. Kaeding

Technical solutions for deep-sea vehicles that withstand the enormous ambient pressure
M. Paschen & K. Breddermann

Modal analysis of wind turbine rotor blades on the basis of a damped eigenvalue problem
E. Stanoev


Investigation of flow noise with different turbulence models
S. Bulut & S. Ergin

On the use of Smoothed Particles Hydrodynamics for the simulation of a two dimensional dam-breaking flow
G.K. Dafermos & G.N. Zaraphonitis

On an extended boundary method for the removal of irregular frequencies in 3D pulsating source panel methods
G.K. Dafermos, G.N. Zaraphonitis &A.D. Papanikolaou

Hydrodynamics – sea waves

A novel coupled-mode model for waves propagating in variable bathymetry in the presence of sheared currents
K.A. Belibassakis & J. Touboul

Uncertainty analysis of parametric wave spectrum estimation from ship motions
M.A. Hinostroza & C. Guedes Soares

Study of weakly nonlinear water waves subjected to stochastic wind excitation
M. Hollm & L. Dostal

Hydrodynamics – seakeeping

On the assessment of roll damping for a damaged ferry
M. Acanfora, T. Coppola, F. De Luca & D. Lauria

Numerical prediction with experimental validation of semisubmersible’s viscous damped heave motions
R. Kishev, G. Nikolov & S. Kirilova

On the seakeeping behaviour of an offshore wind farm vessel during the jack-up process in the early design stage
M. Liebert

Improvement of ships seakeeping performance by application of the full-scale CFD simulations
K. Niklas & H. Pruszko

Hydrodynamics – resistance

Onboard measurements to verify biofouling effect on ship performance
E. Altarriba & J. Halonen

A nonlinear BEM for the ship wave-resistance problem
K.A. Belibassakis &A. Kegkeroglou

An investigation into the effect of the Hull Vane on the ship resistance in OpenFOAM
C. Celik, D.B. Danisman, P. Kaklis & S. Khan

Uncertainty analysis of numerical and experimental resistance tests for ONR Tumblehome
C. Delen & S. Bal

Resistance tests with 3D printed models in the early ship design stage of high speed vessels
R. Kloske, M. Josten & B. Carstensen

On the influence of local changes of the KCS hull form upon its total resistance
A.V. Pechenyuk

Hydrodynamics – manoeuvring

Prediction of maneuvering coefficients of Delft catamaran 372 hull form
S. Duman & S. Bal

Identification of the twin propellers – twin rudder system in vessel simulation model by “grey-box” method
D. Efremov & E. Milanov

Application of wavelet functions for identification of ship models
M.G. Todorova & R. Parvanova

Manoeuvring test for a self-running ship model in various water depth conditions
M.A. Hinostroza, H.T. Xu & C. Guedes Soares

Numerical simulation of PMM tests of a container ship in regular following waves
C.Q. Ma, N. Ma & X.C. Gu

Wave filtering for marine DP system using adaptive iterated extended Kalman filter
I. Popov & E. Milanov


A methodology to predict the thrust-reduction
C. Celik &A. Bolek

Propeller diameter selection based on numerical analysis of wake and induced-pressure on blades and on tunnel stern surface
C. Delen, F. De Luca, S. Mancini & C. Pensa

Water-jet propulsion system with vectorised thrust
G. Ilieva

Oceanic biomimicry – an effective tool to achieve an innovative blade design
G. Ilieva

Towards the development of a bio-inspired shark-shaped unmanned underwater vehicle
S. Janardhanan, P. Venu, F.B. Shahabudheen, A. Issac, O. Abhijith, P. Das & G. Ilieva

A quantum propulsion method
N. Markov

Marine propeller optimization using open-source CFD
Th. Papakonstantinou, G. Grigoropoulos & G. Papadakis

Controllability studies on fish-shaped unmanned under water vehicle undergoing manoeuvring motions
A.K. Ranjith, S. Janardhanan, V. Chandran, N.J. Gomez, G. Ilieva & J. Sygal

Optimum design of a container ship’s propeller fromWageningen B-series at the minimum BSFC
M. Tadros, M. Ventura & C. Guedes Soares

Machinery & control

Application of high temperature fuel cell powered by LNG on a ferry-boat: A case study
T. Coppola, L. Micoli & M. Turco

Preliminary approach to the application of the Environmental Ship Index
L. Mocerino & E. Rizzuto

Simulation of the performance of marine genset based on double-Wiebe function
M. Tadros, M. Ventura & C. Guedes Soares

Predicting the performance of a sequentially turbocharged marine diesel engine using ANFIS
M. Tadros, M. Ventura, C. Guedes Soares & S. Lampreia

Data acquisition and processing techniques for a novel performance monitoring system based on KPIs
N. Themelis, Ch.C. Spandonidis & Ch. Giordamlis

A ship energy efficiency analysis by considering trim influence and waste recycling
V. Vigna, M. Altosole, M. Figari &A. Ferrari

Ship design

Application of the second generation intact stability criteria for fast semi displacement ships
E. Begovi´c, B. Rinauro & F. Cakici

Justification of main characteristics of river-sea dry-cargo vessels with extra-full hull forms
G.V. Egorov, V.I. Tonyuk, A.G. Egorov & I.F. Davydov

Features of the CV03 concept of floating transshipment complex with open cargo hold
G.V. Egorov, V.I. Tonyuk, A.G. Egorov &A.V. Demidyuk

Dynamic analysis of the stationary behavior of resilient mounting elements for marine applications
J. Fragasso & L. Moro

Multi attribute design decision solution of MPV accounting for shipyard building constraints
P. Georgiev, Y. Garbatov, L. Kirilov &Y. Denev

Risk-based approach for evaluating alternative ship design for fire safety
I.A. Koromila & K.J. Spyrou

Computer model application to the evaluation of energy efficiency measures for cruise ships
L. Mocerino & E. Rizzuto

Eco patrol and control vessel – EPACV
V. Slapniˇcar, I. Adum, I. Grubiši´c & H. Oreškovi´c

Development of autonomous underwater vehicle
A.K. Sujith, A. Mathew, S. Shajan, S. Pai G. & P.G. Sunil Kumar

Ship structures

Structural strain approach for low-cycle fatigue life prediction of ship welded joints
P. Corigliano, V. Crupi, X. Pei & P. Dong

Design of honeycomb structures for naval applications
V. Crupi & G. Palomba

Strength and weight characteristics of a self-propelled barge based on sandwich panel system construction
M.S. Elsaka, H.W. Leheta, A.S. Zayed & S.F. Badran

Determination of abrasion resistance of welded layers
A.M. Stoyanova & M.Iv. Konsulova-Bakalova

Quasi-static direct strength assessment of offshore multipurpose support vessel in head sea
M. Tekgoz, N. Almany &Y. Garbatov

FE analysis of support-specimen interaction of compressive experimental test
K.Woloszyk &Y. Garbatov

Uncertainty assessment of ultimate strength of corroded stiffened plates subjected to maintenance
K.Woloszyk &Y. Garbatov


Developing sustainable green ship recycling facilities in Indonesia: Investigation of current situation
S. Fariya, S.A. Gunbeyaz, R.E. Kurt, S. Sunaryo & E.B. Djatmiko

Study into the reactive power consumption regimes in electric power supply system of shipbuilding enterprises
V.N. Gyurov

What the CAD industry can do for the Shipyard 4.0
R. Perez Fernandez & F.J. Regueira

Identifying skill shortages and education and training gaps for the shipbuilding industry in Europe
E. Sdoukopoulos, G. Tsafonias, V.M. Perra, M. Boile & L. Fraga Lago

Maritime transportation

Shipping brokerage contract in Private International Law
D. Marinova

Current situation of VTS systems in Brazil and challenges for its implementation
E.R.N. Marques & E. Lobo

Development of a navigation support system by means of a synthetic scenario
M. Martelli, N. Faggioni & R. Zaccone

Happiness –Wind of change for shipping companies, a new way to measure their performance
S. Niyazieva

A machine learning approach to assess vessel performance based on operational profile
A. Senteris, A. Kanellopoulou & G.N. Zaraphonitis

Safety and marine environment protection

Statistical analysis of MAIB database for the period 1990–2016
B. Navas de Maya, S.I. Ahn & R.E. Kurt

Numerical study on natural convection in a ship cargo tank
K. Sahin & S. Ergin

Oil spills behavior on various sandy beaches along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast
A. Simeonova & K. Stankovich

Introducing a bio-inspired Life-Cycle Framework for emerging risks in the maritime industry
N.P. Ventikos & K. Louzis

Offshore renewable energy

WEC performance and optimization in variable bathymetry regions
K.A. Belibassakis & M.I. Bonovas

CFD simulation of the hydrodynamic performance of a Fin-ring marine current turbine
M.I. Ibrahim, T.M. Hamed &A.A. Banawan

Efficiency of an oscillating water column device in front of a vertical breakwater
D.N. Konispoliatis & S.A. Mavrakos

Boosting offshore renewable energy in Europe: Skills shortages and gaps in education and training
E. Sdoukopoulos, V.M. Perra, G. Tsafonias, M. Boile & L. Fraga Lago

Life cycle assessment of two different renewable energy systems for a selected region: Bozcaada Island
A.E. ¸Sentürk & E. O˘guz

Offshore & coastal development

Pneumo-structures for gravitational hydrotechnical construction
A. Palazov, G. Georgiev &V. Donev

Sea-basin monitoring system assessment activity to support sustainable growth in the marine and maritime economy
A. Palazov, V. Slabakova, V. Lyubartsev, N. Pinardi, F. Blanc & E. Moussat

Drone-based geomorphological and landscape mapping of Bolata Cove, Bulgarian coast
B. Prodanov, I. Kotsev, T. Lambev, L. Dimitrov, R. Bekova & D. Dechev

Comparative study of the capacity of three plant species from the Poaceae family for erosion and flooding control of coastal areas
S. Vergiev

Aquaculture & fishing

Dioxins and dioxin-like PCB-s in perch and sander of North-Eastern Baltic Sea and Peipsi Lake
L. Järv, T. Raid, M. Simm, M. Radin, H. Kiviranta & P. Ruokojärvi

GIS-aided spatial analysis of fish abundance and biomass in the Bulgarian Black Sea
V. Raykov & I.S. Kotsev

Does spatial patterns in fishing explain dynamics of commercial pelagic populations in Baltic Sea?
E. Sepp, T. Raid &T. Arula

LWR models of 2 commercially important species from the Bulgarian marine area
I. Zlateva, N. Nikolov, V. Raykov & M. Yankova

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Petar Georgiev is Professor at the Faculty of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria

Carlos Guedes Soares is a Professor at the Center for Marine Technology and Engineering (CENTEC), Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal.