1st Edition

Sustainable Development for a Democratic South Africa

Edited By

Ken Cole

ISBN 9781853832307
Published April 3, 1994 by Routledge
256 Pages

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Book Description

After the multi racial elections in April 1994, South Africa has been set on a new course. For a country emerging from 45 years of apartheid democracy should prove to be the vital first step on the path to sustainability and equitability. There are sure to be pitfalls along the way but the potential offered by long-awaited equality is enormous, and realising that potential is the key to the country's chances of achieving sustainable development. This book analyses the changes which are needed and which might result from the new political culture. It discusses the policy requirements necessary for sustainable development and looks at how the economy, regional integration, land reform, the law, local government, NGOs, health care and AIDs prevention, education, and the media will all be affected, drawing on the experience of other countries in Africa which have witnessed the transition to black majority rule. Accessible to general readers as well as to specialists, it provides a comprehensive overview of the issues involved, and a basis for understanding what prospects the future holds for South Africa.

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Economy ? Sustainable Growth after Sanctions: Opportunities and Constraints Jesmond Blumenfeld ? The World Bank, Income Distribution and Employment: Some Lessons for South Africa Colin Stoneman ? Towards a Socialist Critique of Neo-Liberalism: Agenda Setting for Post-Apartheid South Africa Robert Fine ? The employment Problem in Post-Apartheid South Africa Leo Katzen ? Energy and Sustainable Development in Southern Africa Phil O'Keefe and John Kirkby ? Zimbabwe's Experience in Promoting 'Sustainable' Rural Development and the Implications for South Africa Lionel Cliffe Part 2: The State, NGOs and Social Policy ? Sustainable Development, Democracy and the Courts in a Democratic South Africa Fran ois du Bois ? The Bank, the State and Development: Local Government in Maseru Chris Peters ? NGOs, Institutional Development and Sustainable Development in Post-Apartheid South Africa Charles Abugre ? South Africa's Future Health Care Policy: Selective or Comprehensive Primary Health Care? John Macdonald ? AIDS in South Africa: A Wild Card? Alan Whiteside Part 3: Education and the Media ? People's Education and 'Nation Building' for a New South Africa Steve Randall ? Building Community Capacity for Participation in Educational Governance David Johnson ? Redefining Adult Education in South Africa's Changed Politics Paul Fordham ? The Press in Post-Apartheid South Africa Benjamin Pogrund Part 4 Sustainable Development: An Overview ? Sustainable Development and the Peace Process in Southern Africa: The Experience of Mozambique and Angola Barry Munslow ? Ideologies of Sustainable Development Ken Cole

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