1st Edition

Sustainable Frontiers Unlocking Change through Business, Leadership and Innovation

By Wayne Visser Copyright 2015
    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    Sustainable Frontiers throws down the gauntlet to business to step up and be the catalyst for a sustainable future. It presents eight keys to unlocking transformational change – through leadership, enterprise, innovation, transparency, engagement, responsibility, integration and future-fitness. Far from being another tame review of corporate social responsibility and sustainable business initiatives, the book dispels the myths of sustainability and challenges us to let go of old systems that are failing to deliver economic, social and environmental transformation. Sustainable Frontiers gets to the heart of why the sustainability and CSR movements have failed in the past and offers a new view of how sustainable business practices can shape-shift to make a genuine difference inside and outside organisations. The book gathers together experiences from across the globe and shows to the reader what can be achieved with the right vision and leadership. Expect to be challenged, engaged and inspired to join the revolution on the sustainable frontier.Making a successful transition to a more sustainable future depends on letting go. Sustainable Frontiers shows how we must find ways to let go of an industrial system that has served us well, but is no longer fit for purpose. How we will need to let go of old styles of leadership and out-dated models of business, high-impact lifestyles and selfish values. How we must learn to let go of cherished ideologies that are causing destruction and beliefs about ways to tackle problems that are failing to resolve crises.If we are to reach sustainable frontiers, it must begin with changing our collective minds - and only then will we change our collective behaviour. How we accomplish such a global mind-shift is the subject of Sustainable Frontiers. And it starts by admitting that those of us at the vanguard of the sustainability revolution also have to change. We will also have to let go of cherished beliefs and strategies that are not working - starting with the way we communicate our vital, life-saving mission.


    Introduction: the art of letting go

    1. Unlocking change through transformational leadership

    2. Unlocking change through enterprise reform

    3. Unlocking change through technology innovation

    4. Unlocking change through corporate transparency

    5. Unlocking change through stakeholder engagement

    6. Unlocking change through social responsibility

    7. Unlocking change through integrated value

    8. Unlocking change through future-fitness

    Epilogue: connecting Earth and sky


    Wayne Visser

    One of the most important authors that have driven the discussion about sustainability and corporate social responsibility is Wayne Visser. His latest book is Sustainable Frontiers: Unlocking Change through Business, Leadership and Innovation, in which he offers readers a holistic vision of a new sustainable future.  - Ulula - Linda Pappagallo