1st Edition

Sustainable Logistics Systems Using AI-based Meta-Heuristics Approaches

Edited By Jiuping Xu, Mitsuo Gen, Zongmin Li, YoungSu Yun Copyright 2024

    This book introduces and analyses recent trends and studies of sustainable logistics systems using AI-based meta-heuristics approaches, including AI-based meta-heuristics applied to supply chain network models, integrated multi-criteria decision-making approaches for green supply chain management, uncertain supply chain models etc. It emphasizes both theory and practice, providing methodological and theoretical basis as well as case references for sustainable logistics systems using AI based meta-heuristics.

    Most of multi-national enterprises today face the challenge of sustainable development for their logistics systems trying to meet or exceed customer expectations. Sustainable development attracts both researchers and industrial practitioners who are focused on the design and implementation of logistics system. AI-based meta-heuristics approaches has emerged as a capable method for quickly providing optimal or near-optimal solutions for the problems that exact optimization cannot solve. Recent advances in various AI-based meta-heuristics approaches can resolve various and complex logistics and supply chain problem types. This book mainly encompasses the most popular and frequently employed AI-based meta-heuristics approaches such as genetic algorithm, variable neighborhood search, multi-objective heuristic search and the hybrid of these approaches.

    The chapters in this book were originally published in the International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management.

    Introduction - Sustainable Logistics Systems using AI-based Meta-Heuristics Approaches
    Zongmin Li

    1.     Applying GA-VNS approach to supply chain network model with facility and route disruptions
    Chuluunsukh Anudari, YoungSu Yun and Mitsuo Gen

    2.     Edge boundary variable neighborhood strategy adaptive search for a vegetable crop land allocation problem
    Krisanarach Nitisiri, Kanchana Sethanan, Rapeepan Pitakaso and Mitsuo Gen

    3.     Multi-criteria decision-making methods for the evaluating of a real green supply chain in companies with fast-moving consumer goods
    Elham Rastpour, Vahid Kayvanfar and Majid Rafiee

    4.     Multi-objective grouping genetic algorithm for the joint order batching, batch assignment, and sequencing problem
    Jose Alejandro Cano, Pablo Cortés, Emiro Antonio Campo and Alexander A. Correa-Espinal

    5.     Green supply chain management framework for supplier selection: an integrated multi-criteria decision-making approach
    Sudipta Ghosh, Madhab Chandra Mandal and Amitava Ray

    6.     A dynamic multi-objective green supply chain network design for perishable products in uncertain environments, the coffee industry case study
    Seyed Ahmad Torabzadeh, Erfan Nejati, Amir Aghsami and Masoud Rabbani

    7.     Robust and resilient supply chain network design considering risks in food industry: flavour industry in Iran
    Amir Arabsheybani and Alireza Arshadi Khasmeh

    8.     Modeling resilient supplier selection criteria in desalination supply chain based on fuzzy DEMATEL and ISM
    Mahdi Nasrollahi, Mohammad Reza Fathi, Seyed Mohammad Sobhani, Abolfazl Khosravi and Asgar Noorbakhsh

    9.     Designing a data-driven leagile sustainable closed-loop supply chain network
    Abdollah Babaeinesami, Hamid Tohidi and Seyed Mohsen Seyedaliakbar

    10.  Designing an integrated decision support system to link supply chain processes performance with time to market
    Sharfuddin Ahmed Khan, Syed Mehmood Hassan, Simonov Kusi-Sarpong, Muhammad Shujaat Mubarik and Sana Fatima

    11.  Application of expected value and chance constraint on uncertain supply chain model with cost, risk and visibility for COVID-19 pandemic
    Sharmistha Halder Jana

    12.  Optimal storage and shipment management of perishable agri-products with a hybrid priority policy: a case study
    Giovanni Giallombardo, Giovanni Mirabelli and Vittorio Solina


    Jiuping Xu is Associate Vice President of Sichuan University, P.R. China, and Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management. His research interests include decision science, engineering management, and management science.

    Mitsuo Gen is Senior Research Scientist of Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute and Visiting Professor at Tokyo University of Science, Japan. His research interests include soft computing, evolutionary algorithms, intelligent manufacturing, and sustainable closed supply chain.

    Zongmin Li is Professor of Business School, Sichuan University, P. R. China, and Managing Editor of International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management. Her research interests include data-driven decision making and big data analytics.

    YoungSu Yun is Professor of Division of Business Administration at Chosun University, South Korea. His research interests include sustainable closed supply chain system, engineering optimization design and evolutionary algorithms.