1st Edition

Sustainable Management Development in Africa Building Capabilities to Serve African Organizations

Edited By Hamid Kazeroony Copyright 2016
    318 Pages
    by Routledge

    318 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Sustainable Management Development in Africa examines how African management and business scholarship can serve African and multinational management and organizations operating in Africa. In a broader sense, this book, within an African context, explores how human capital and intellectual capabilities can be organized at the higher education level; describes the cultural, social, and political influencers impacting management and organization; helps conceptualize African management theories to address organizational effectiveness; addresses the current management and organizational practices in Africa in identifying challenges; and provides guidance for more effective management and organizational operation.

    Aimed at researchers, academics, and advanced students alike, this book lays the groundwork for the application of uniquely African theoretical and practical perspectives for sustainable management and organizational operation, as explained from a contemporary African point of view. In addition and most important, this book contains a uniquely African content that allows for developing new theories and examining new ways of doing business, thus reaffirming the rise of African scholarship in the fields of management, organization, and business.

    1. Framing Sustainable Management Development in in Africa

    Hamid H. Kazeroony

    Part 1: Capacity Building in Africa

    2. Public Policy and Higher Education: The Case of Botswana

    Dorothy Mpabanga

    3. Challenges in Developing African Management Scholars: An Auto-ethnographic Study

    Emmanuel Mukwevho and Yvonne du Plessis

    4. The Role of Accreditation in Overcoming the Challenges of Graduate Management Programs in Africa

    Enase Okonedo and Timothy Aluko

    5. Meeting the Graduate Management Program Challenges in Nigeria

    Olusegun Matanmi

    Part 2: African Social, Cultural, and Political Influences

    6. Cross-Cultural Studies as a Resource for Management Development in Africa

    Mariya Bobina and Mikhail Grachev

    7. The Role of Cross-Cultural Communication in Management Practices of Multinational Companies (MNCS) in Sub-Saharan Africa

    James Baba Abugre

    8. Surviving in Africa: MNCs Response to Institutional Deficiencies and Moral Implications

    Adeyinka A. Adewale and Sharif M. Khalid

    Part 3: Theorizing African Management and Organization

    9. Theory Construction to Serve African Management and Organizational Practices Hamid H. Kazeroony

    10. Alternative Approaches to Management Research in Africa: Hermeneutics, Graphic Scales and Applied Interventions

    Bill Buenar Puplampu

    11. Management Theories: The Relegated Strengths Based African Practices

    Shiphrah Mutungi, Emmanuel Mutungi, and Rose Fuentes

    Part 4: Challenges and Pathways to Building Organizational Capabilities in Africa

    12. Human Capital Development in Africa: Some Urgent Considerations

    Bill Buenar Puplampu

    13. Building the Next Generation of African Managers and Entrepreneurs

    Henrietta Onwuegbuzie

    14. Public Private Partnerships for Enhancing Organizational Capabilities in Nigeria

    Osikhuemhe Okwilagwe and Christos Apostolakis

    15. The Role of the Legal Profession in Facilitating a Regulatory Framework for Public Private Partnerships in Ghana

    Bill Buenar Puplampu

    16. A Framework for Building Organizational Capabilities in Africa

    Hamid H. Kazeroony


    Hamid H. Kazeroony is a Professor of Business at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, Inver Hills, USA.

    Yvonne Plessis is a Full Professor at the Graduate School of Business and Government Leadership at the North-West University, South Africa

    Bill Buenar Puplampu is an Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour, a Chartered Psychologist (BPS), and Dean of the Central Business School of Central University College, Ghana.

    "This book is a window on African management practice and issues that will prove valuable to those interested in doing business in Africa."James P. Walsh, University of Michigan, USA