1st Edition

Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing Technologies

    280 Pages 126 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Materials and manufacturing techniques are a few of the vital processes in production industries. Most of the materials processing and manufacturing techniques currently used in industries are a major cause of environmental pollution and are hence unsustainable. This book provides in-depth knowledge about challenges faced during the processing of advanced materials and discusses possible ways to achieve sustainability in manufacturing.

    This book:

    • Covers advances in cryogenic machining, optimization, and economical and energy assessment of machining
    • Provides case studies and numerical design with analysis using computational fluid dynamics of minimum quantity lubrication mist droplets
    • Reviews metalworking fluids, laser micro-texturing, materials and manufacturing in sustainability, biofuels additives, nano-materials, and additive manufacturing of waste plastic
    • Explores the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning-based manufacturing techniques; and
    • Covers the latest challenges and future trends in sustainable manufacturing

    Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing Technologies is primarily written for senior undergraduate and graduate students, as well as researchers in mechanical, manufacturing, industrial, and production engineering, and material science.

    1. Cryogenic Assisted Drilling of Ti-6Al-4V: An Industry Supported Study.
    Darshit Shah, R. A. Rahman Rashid, Muhammad Jamil et al.

    2. Energy and Economical Assessment of Machining Ti-6Al-4V in Cryo-MQL Environment.
    Nagella Lahari, Navneet Khanna & Kishor Kumar Gajrani

    3. Optimization of Sustainable Manufacturing Processes: A Case Study During Drilling of Laminated Nanocomposites.
    Jogendra Kumar, Rajneesh Kumar Singh & Jinyang Xu

    4. Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of MQL Mist Droplets Characteristics with Various Geometrical Nozzle Orifice.
    Karuturi Manohar Sai Krishna, Satyam Dwivedi, Rajendra Soni et al.

    5. Advancement in Metalworking Fluids for Sustainable Manufacturing.
    Pandi Jyothish, Upendra M & V.Vasu

    6. Laser Micro-Texturing of Silicon for Reduced Reflectivity.
    S. Purushothaman, M. S. Srinivas, R. R. Behera et al.

    7. AI and ML-based Technique to Improve the Energy Efficiency in Legacy Machine Tool.
    Anuj Kumar, V Vasu

    8. Challenges in Achieving Sustainability During Manufacturing.
    Arun Kumar Bambam & Kishor Kumar Gajrani

    9. Sustainability in Manufacturing: Future Trends.
    ┼×enol ┼×irin

    10. Role of Materials and Manufacturing Processes in Sustainability.
    M. B. Kiran & V.J. Badheka

    11. Use of Additives and Nanomaterials for Sustainable Production of Biofuels.
    Anil Dhanola, Vijay Kumar, Arun Kumar Bambam et al.

    12. Modification of SS316 Steel with the Assistance of High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF) Process to Upsurge its Sustainability.
    Vikrant Singh, Anuj Bansal, Anil Kumar Singla et al.

    13. Effect of HVOF Sprayed TiC+25%CuNi-Cr Coatings on Sustainability and Cavitation Erosion Resistance of SS316 Steel.
    Rampal, Anuj Bansal, Anil Kumar Singla et al.

    14. Acid and Alkali Treated Hierarchical Silicoaluminophosphate Molecular Sieves for Sustainable Industrial Applications.
    Rohit Prajapati, Divya Jadav, Parikshit Paredi et al.

    15. Reuse of Waste Carpet into a Sustainable Composite: A Case Study on Recycling Approach.
    Jogendra Kumar, Balram Jaiswal, Kuldeep Kumar et al.

    16. Additive Manufacturing of Waste Plastic: Current Status and Future Directions.
    Pankaj Sawdatkar & Dilpreet Singh


    Navneet Khanna, J. Paulo Davim