1st Edition

Sustainable Transportation in Natural and Protected Areas

Edited By Francesco Orsi Copyright 2015
    288 Pages 81 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    304 Pages 81 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Protected areas are at the centre of nature-based tourism, which is increasingly popular across the world. As visitor numbers increase, so does awareness of the harmful effects that large crowds may have on both natural resources and individuals’ recreational experience. This volume considers the challenge of transportation to and within natural and protected areas, the improvement of which has already been recognised as having great potential for mitigating the environmental impacts of ecotourism.  

    While several books have focused considerable attention to the management of protected areas in general, little has been said about the specific issue of sustainable transport, an emerging trend that is already reshaping visitation patterns in natural settings. This book provides current knowledge on issues associated with the transportation of visitors in natural and protected areas, and a comprehensive overview of the technical and strategic options available to tackle these issues. 

    It approaches the subject via three main topics: preferences, or the visitors' attitudes towards transportation; practices, where current approaches are assessed through examples and case-studies of successful experiences and methodologies from around the world; and policies, where suggestions and recommendations are put forward for both local scale strategies and broad-scale regulatory action with global relevance. Contributors include academics in the field of natural resource management and tourism, with extensive experience in protected area management and active partnerships with natural park administrations.

    1. Introduction

    Francesco Orsi

    Part 1: Concepts and Definitions

    2. Sustainability Requisites for Transportation in Natural and Protected Areas

    Francesco Orsi

    3. Sustainability Potential of Various Transport Modes in Natural Settings

    Francesco Orsi

    Part 2: Preferences – Attitudes towards Sustainable Transportation

    4. Visitor Preferences and toward Bus use in Natural and Protected Areas

    Jo Guiver, Nick Davies and Richard Weston

    5. The Shift from Automobiles to Alternatives and the Role of Intelligent Transportation Systems

    Kourtney K. Collum and John J. Daigle

    6. Park Visitor and Gateway Community Perceptions of Mandatory Shuttle Buses

    Joshua D. Marquit and Britton L. Mace

    7. Sustainable Mobility within Natural Areas from the Perspectives of Persons with Disabilities

    Brent Lovelock

    Part 3: Practices – Experiences around the World

    8. Managing Sustainable Mobility in Natural Areas: the Case of South Tyrol (Italy)

    Anna Scuttari and Maria Della Lucia

    9. On-demand Transport Systems to Remote Natural Areas: The Swiss Case of Bus Alpin and AlpenTaxi

    Roger Sonderegger and Widar von Arx

    10. Reducing Visitor Car Use while Securing Economic Benefits in Protected Areas: Application of a Market Segmentation Approach in the Lake District National Park (UK)

    Davina Stanford

    11. Cycle Tourism Development in Parks: The Experience of the Peak District National Park (UK)

    Richard Weston, Nick Davies and Jo Guiver

    12. Estimating the Effects of "Carrot and Stick" Measures on Travel Mode Choices: Results of a Survey Conducted in the Dolomites (Italy)

    Francesco Orsi and Davide Geneletti

    13. Exploring Future Opportunities and Challenges of Alternative Transportation Practice: A Systematic-wide Transit Inventory across US National Parks

    John J. Daigle

    14. Participatory Planning for the Definition of Sustainable Mobility Strategies in Small Islands: A Case Study in Sao Miguel Island (Azores, Portugal)

    Artur Gil, Catarina Fonseca and Helena Calado

    15. Achieving a Balance between Trail Conservation and Road Development: the Case of Bhutan

    Taiichi Ito

    16. Case Studies: Lessons Learned

    Francesco Orsi

    Part 4: Policies – Strategies and Policies for Sustainable Transportation

    17. From Conventional to Sustainable Transportation Management in National Parks

    Robert Manning, Christopher Monz, Jeffrey Hallo, Steven Lawson and Peter Newman

    18. Identifying Key Factors for the Successful Provision of Public Transport for Tourism

    Andreas Kagermeier and Werner Gronau

    19. Increasing the Economic Feasibility of Public Transport Supply in Natural Areas

    Werner Gronau and Andreas Kagermeier

    20. Elements that Encourage Bicycling and Walking To and Within Natural Areas

    Natalie Villwock-Witte

    21. Helping Gateway Communities Embrace Alternative Transportation

    Anne Dunning

    Part 5: Conclusion

    22. A Glimpse into Future Research on Sustainable Transportation in Natural Settings

    Francesco Orsi


    Francesco Orsi is Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at Kansas State University, USA. Previously he was a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Trento, Italy.