1st Edition

Sustainable Urban Development Volume 2 The Environmental Assessment Methods

    544 Pages
    by Routledge

    544 Pages
    by Routledge

    In this book, the second of a three-volume series, leading authorities on the methodology of environmental assessment provide a unique insight into questions of critical importance to sustainable urban development. Using the framework and protocols set out in Volume 1, Volume 2 examines how well the environmental assessment methods evaluate the ecological integrity of urban development and equity of the resulting resource distribution. The examination focuses on:

    • the instruments of environmental assessment
    • approaches to environmental assessment based in systems-thinking
    • methods for environmental, economic and social assessments
    • their use in evaluating the sustainability of urban development.

    The Sustainable Urban Development Series contains the research and debate of the BEQUEST (Building, Environmental Quality Evaluation for Sustainability) network funded by the European Commission. Together the books provide a framework, set of protocols, environmental assessment methods and toolkit for policy makers, academics, professionals and advanced level students in urban planning and studies, as well as other areas of the built environment.

    1. Introduction Mark Deakin, Gordon Mitchell, Peter Nijkamp and Ron Vreeker  Part 1: Environmental Assessment  2. Environmental Assessment Methods within the EU Guilio Mondini and Marco Valle  Part 2: Systems Thinking-Based Approaches  3. The Multi-Modal Systems Thinking Approach to Sustainable Evaluation Peter Brandon and Patrizia Lombardi  4. The Human Sustainable City, Values, Approaches and Evaluative Tool Luigi Fusco Girard, Maria Cerrata, Pasquale De Toro and Fabiana Forte  5. The Role of Evaluation in Supporting Human Sustainable Development Peter Nijkamp  6. The Role of Modelling in Urban Sustainability Assessment Gordon Mitchell  Part 3: Methods for Environmental Valuations  7. Cost-Benefit Analysis and Multi-Criteria Analysis Ron Vreeker, Peter Nijkamp and Giuseppe Munda  8. Contingent Valuation Method Paolo Nunes and Peter Nijkamp  9. The Hedonic Price Method Rene van der Kruk  Part 4: Methods for Environmental, Economic and Social Assessments 4.1 Simple, Complex and Advanced Evaluations  10. Analytical Hierarchy Process Patrizia Lombardi  11. The Application and Development of Ecological Footprints Craig Simmons  12. Urban Spiders: A Comparative Framework for Evaluation and Scenario Analysis Tuzin Baycan Levent, Frank Bruinsma and Peter Nijkamp  13. The Flag Method Eveline van Leeuwen and Peter Nijkamp  14. Regime Analysis Ron Vreeker  4.2 Advanced Evaluations of Urban Land Use  15. The Assessment of Multi-Functional Land Use Caroline Rodenburg and Peter Nijkamp  16. The PROPOLIS Model for Assessing Urban Sustainability Klaus Spiekermann and Michael Wegener  4.3 Advanced Evaluations of Urban Land Use, Buildings and Estates  17. Sustainability Assessment of Building Design and Construction Steven Curwell and Pekka Houvila  18. Life Cycle Analysis of Buildings, Groups of Buildings and Urban Fragments Niklaus Kohler  4.4 Very Advanced Evaluations of Neighbourhoods, Districts and Cities  19. The AUSTIME Methodology: Quantifiable Sustainability Assessment Coupled with Multi-Agent Simulation Katherine A. Daniell, Bernadette A. Foley, Ashley B. Kingsborough, Holger R. Maier, David J. Malovka and Heath C. Somerville  20. H2QR: A Research and Demonstration Project for Assessing Sustainable Neighbourhood Development  Andreas Blum  21. Assessing Sustainable Community Development Proposals Mark Deakin  Part 5. Evaluating the Sustainability of Urban Development  22.The Assessment of Environmental Equity and Environmental Justice: Methodological Issues Gordon Mitchell  23. Participative and Inter-Active Evaluation: A Review of the Methodologies Andrea De Montis  24. Sustainable Urban Futures: From Models to Competing Pathways Simon Guy and Simon Marvin  25. Conclusions Mark Deakin, Gordon Mitchell, Peter Nijkamp and Ron Vreeker


    Mark Deakin is Senior Lecturer and Teaching Fellow at the School of the Built Environment, Napier University. Gordon Mitchell is Lecturer at the School of Geography & Institute for Transport Studies, Leeds University. Peter Nijkamp is Professor in Regional and Urban Economics and Economic Geography at the Free University, Amsterdam. Ron Vreeker is Lecturer and Researcher at the Department of Spatial Economics, Free University, Amsterdam.