2nd Edition

Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood

By David Rudlin, Nicholas Falk Copyright 2009
    338 Pages
    by Routledge

    338 Pages
    by Routledge

    This successful title, previously known as 'Building the 21st Century Home' and now in its second edition, explores and explains the trends and issues that underlie the renaissance of UK towns and cities and describes the sustainable urban neighbourhood as a model for rebuilding urban areas.

    The book reviews the way that planning policies, architectural trends and economic forces have undermined the viability of urban areas in Britain since the Industrial Revolution. Now that much post-war planning philosophy is being discredited we are left with few urban models other than garden city inspired suburbia. Are these appropriate in the 21st century given environmental concerns, demographic change, social and economic pressures? The authors suggest that these trends point to a very different urban future.

    The authors argue that we must reform our towns and cities so that they become attractive, humane places where people will choose to live. The Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood is a model for such reform and the book describes what this would look like and how it might be brought about.

    Introduction; Part 1: The Origins, The flight from the city, Lost Utopias, The taming of the City, The shaping of the English home, The Urban Renaissance; Part 2: The Influences, Conservation: Environmental pressures on future settlements, Choice: Changing household characteristics and the 21st century home, Attitudes to Urban Areas, Community: Social sustainability in the suburb and city, Cost: The economies of urban development; Part 3 The sustainable urban neighbourhood, Urban repopulation, The Eco-neighbourhood, Urban building blocks, The sociable neighbourhood, A model neighbourhood?, The process of urban generation and regeneration.


    David Rudlin, Nicholas Falk

    Reviews of first edition:

    'The Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood is the best analysis I have read of the crisis of the contemporary British city. This book offers a chance to rethink our priorities, break the cycle of decline and to create sustainable cities suitable for citizens.'
    Richard Rogers

    'There are many books published now with a revisionist urban programme, but Rudlin and Falk's is one of the best and most comprehensive.'
    The Architect's Journal