3rd Edition

Sustaining Lean Case Studies in Transforming Culture

Edited By AME - Association for Copyright 2008
    142 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    144 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    Provides Reassurance and Suggestions From Those Who Have Walked the Same Lean Road

    Perhaps the most fundamental challenge that companies adopting a lean strategy must face is how to sustain initial momentum and develop a corporate culture with an ongoing commitment to that strategy. While efficient tools and strategies are essential to the cause, just as critical is a shared confidence that this endeavor is the right course. While one has to make the road by walking it, knowing that others have walked a similar path can both be instructive and encouraging.

    Make Rapid Changes and Enjoy Long-Term Success

    Sustaining Lean: Case Studies in Transforming Culture, the third compilation of articles originally published in AME’s well-regarded Target Magazine, provides accounts of challenges encountered and methods applied by organizations in pursuit of lean. While a few of the articles broadly discuss issues involved in long-term transformation, the vast majority provide illuminating and often inspirational case studies.

    Following an insightful introduction by noted lean expert David Mann, this compelling volume tells the stories of companies that overcame significant cultural challenges. It helps any manager understand what it takes to communicate a vision of improvement and achieve the empowerment of stakeholders vital to rapid change and long-term success.

    The Case for Lean Culture  by David Mann(4th issue 2003)
    Leading the Working Culture Revolution (1st issue 2005)
    Thriving on Continuous Learning at Hewlett-Packard America’s Software Manufacturing (ASM) (2nd issue 2005)
    Batesville Casket Company’s Culture of Continuous Improvement (1st issue 2004)
    5S at Deceunick North America’s Monroe Site: Sustaining and Improving Gains (3rd issue 2005)
    Team-Centered Continuing Improvements at General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems (4th issue 2005)
    Re-Making Furniture Making at Hickory Chair Company(1st issue 2006)
    Stable Chaos: Leading Change in the Fast Lane M2 Global Technology (2nd issue 2007)
    How HR Departments Can Help Lean Transformation (3rd issue 2006)


    George Garber, AME - Association for