1st Edition

Sustaining Rural Systems Rural Vitality in an Era of Globalization and Economic Nationalism

Edited By Holly R. Barcus, William G. Moseley Copyright 2023

    This book examines the interplay between rural places and the competing narratives of globalization and nationalism. Through case studies from Croatia, Belgium, Australia, the USA, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Italy and Spain, this volume highlights the contemporary status of rural change through the lens of sustainability and set within current competing narratives of globalization and economic nationalism.

    The multiplicity of roles that rural communities play in economic and social systems are often overlooked in conversations about globalization and economic nationalism. Yet rural communities, economies and landscapes are closely tied to global industries, migrant flows and markets, while simultaneously subject to nationalist economic policies and strategies. The chapters in this book seek to elucidate the nuanced ties between people and industries that are at once intensely local and simultaneously tied to regional and global processes. The volume challenges us to critically examine oversimplified messaging of highly complex systems and provides insights into processes of change at local scales across major global regions.

    Sustaining Rural Systems will be of great interest to upper-level students, researchers, and scholars in the areas of rural sociology, human geography and development studies. The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of the Geographical Review.

    Introduction—Sustaining Rural Systems: Rural Vitality in an Era of Globalization and Economic Nationalism

    Holly R. Barcus and William G. Moseley

    1. Croatian Rural Futures in 2030: Four Alternative Scenarios for Postsocialist Countryside in the Newest E.U. Member State

    Aleksandar Lukić, Petra Radeljak Kaufmann, Luka Valožić, Ivan Zupanc, Marin Cvitanović, Dane Pejnović and Ivan Žilić

    2. Does Local Rural Heritage Still Matter in a Global Urban World?

    Serge Schmitz and Lauriano Pepe

    3. Young People’s Visions for Life in the Countryside in Latin America

    A. Cristina De La Vega-Leinert, Julia Kieslinger, Marcela Jiménez-Moreno and Cornelia Steinhäuser

    4. Second Home Property Ownership and Public-School Funding in Wisconsin’s Northwoods

    Ryan Douglas Weichelt and Ezra Zeitler

    5. Re-Turning Inwards or Opening to the World? Land Use Transitions on Australia’s Western Coast

    Roy Jones, Tod Jones and Colin Ingram

    6. Exploring the Sustainability of Wilderness Narratives in Europe. Reflections from Val Grande National Park (Italy)

    Giacomo Zanolin and Valerià Paül

    7. The Emerging Mountain Imaginary of The Galician Highlands: A New National Landscape in an Era of Globalization?

    Valerià Paül and Juan-M. Trillo-Santamaría


    Holly R. Barcus is DeWitt Wallace Professor of Geography and Director of Asians Studies at Macalester College. Her research interests reside at the intersection of migration, identity, ethnicity and rural peripheries. She is currently Vice President and Treasurer of the International Geographical Union (IGU) Executive Committee.

    William G. Moseley is DeWitt Wallace Professor of Geography, and Director of the Food, Agriculture & Society Program at Macalester College. His research interests include tropical agriculture, food security, and development policy. He currently serves on the High Level Panel of Experts of the UN Committee on World Food Security.