1st Edition

Sustaining Social Inclusion

Edited By Beth Crisp, Ann Taket Copyright 2020
    356 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    356 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Sustaining Social Inclusion is the third book in a series on social exclusion and social inclusion. It explores what different understandings of sustainability mean in respect of social inclusion in the variety of fields that deal with human health and well-being. The book is global in its scope, with chapters relating to socially inclusive health and social welfare practice internationally.

    This book is divided into seven parts:

    • Introduction;
    • Sustainable policies for promoting social inclusion;
    • Sustaining programmes which support social inclusion;
    • Sustaining organisations which promote social inclusion;
    • Sustainable social inclusion outcomes;
    • Sustainable social development; and
    • Conclusions.

    It examines how social inclusion can be sustained in the long-term when funding tends to be time-limited.

    This research-based book is relevant to a wide range of different readerships globally. It addresses issues of concern for those engaged in debates about the provision of health, social welfare, and other public services. Sustaining Social Inclusion will be of interest to academics, policy makers, and practitioners in a wide range of fields, including public health, health promotion, health sciences, history, medicine, philosophy, disability studies, social work, social policy, sociology, and urban planning.

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    Part 1: Introduction

    1. Approaches to sustaining social inclusion
    2. Beth R. Crisp and Ann Taket

      Part 2: Sustainable policies for promoting social inclusion

    3. The transformative journey to sustainability for Australia’s compensation systems: how peer support and restorative justice interventions are creating a new inclusive narrative
    4. John Bottomley, Bette Phillips-Campbell and Gordon Traill

    5. Sustaining social inclusion: lessons from research, intervention and policy making
    6. Tamar Kabakian-Khasholian, Rana Saleh, Jihad Makhoul and Fadi El-Jardali

    7. Social policy to support women’s reproductive decision-making and access to economic participation and resources: an Australian case study
    8. Melissa Graham, Hayley McKenzie and Greer Lamaro Haintz

    9. Not impossible: working with the Deafblind community to develop a more inclusive world
    10. Alana Roy, Beth R. Crisp, Keith McVilly

      Part 3: Sustaining programmes which support social inclusion

    11. Opening Doors: creating and sustaining community leadership for promoting social inclusion
    12. Ann Taket, Alex Mills, Sally-Ann Nadj and Ronda Held

    13. Responding to hunger in Australia: the role of traditional and emerging food distribution measures in addressing food insecurity
    14. Fiona H. McKay

    15. Developing inclusion in a small town food service
    16. Rohena Duncombe, Joe Fay, Gwen Gould, Charlie Fay, Malcolm Fay, Julia Harrington, Kuatarina Mount, Brian Neale and Suzanne Arnold

      Part 4: Sustaining organisations which promote social inclusion

    17. How to imagine, and make, good universities
    18. Raewyn Connell

    19. Four decades-plus of promoting inclusion to higher education
    20. Beth R. Crisp

    21. Socially inclusive service development: a new expression of democracy for non-democratic organisations delivering social care
    22. Sarah Pollock

    23. The space to think critically: how supervision can support sustainable practice in social service organisations
    24. Matt Rankine and Liz Beddoe

      Part 5: Sustainable social inclusion outcomes

    25. Embedding change: designing short term projects for sustainable effects
    26. Elena Jenkin, Erin Wilson, Robert Campain, Kevin Murfitt, and Matthew Clarke

    27. Philosophy and ethics: sustaining social inclusion in the disability sector
    28. Emma Rush, Monica Short, Giselle Burningham and Joan Cartledge

    29. Spirituality and religion: sustaining individuals and communities or replicating colonisation?
    30. Beth R. Crisp

    31. A ‘good news’ story of social inclusion: refugee resettlement in Australia
    32. Kim Robinson

      Part 6: Sustainable social development

    33. Strengthening everyday peace formation via community development In Myanmar’s Rohingya-Rakhine conflict
    34. Vicki-Ann Ware and Anthony Ware

    35. Sustaining inclusion through work: livelihoods experience of rural Indonesian villagers with disability
    36. Ekawati Liu, Yuhda Wahyu, Irfan Kortschak, Hezti Insriani and Erin Wilson

    37. The potential of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to create sustainable caring communities
    38. Zsolt Bugarszki

    39. Building an accessible and inclusive city
    40. Richard Tucker, Louise Johnson, Patsie Frawley, Kevin Murfitt, Fiona Andrews and David Kelly

    41. Theatre-based programmes: promoting empathy and engagement
    42. Ann Taket

      Part 7: Conclusions

    43. Strategies for sustaining social inclusion

    Beth R. Crisp and Ann Taket



    Beth R. Crisp is Professor and Discipline Lead in Social Work, Deakin University, Australia, and a member of the Centre for Health through Action on Social Exclusion (CHASE).

    Ann Taket held the Chair in Health and Social Exclusion and was Director of CHASE, Deakin University, Australia until her retirement at the end of 2019.