1st Edition

Swiss Competences in River Engineering and Restoration

Edited By Anton J. Schleiss, Jürg Speerli, Roger Pfammatter Copyright 2014

    Every year the Swiss Commission for Flood Protection (KOHS) of the Swiss Association for Water Management (SWV) organizes a symposium where professionals, officers of public administrations, and researchers exchange their experiences on special topics and key projects in river engineering and restoration. In 2014, this symposium was organized as a special session of the seventh International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics “River Flow 2014” at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. In addition to the Swiss participants, scientists and professionals from all over the world were informed about Swiss competences in river engineering and restoration. The aim of the book is to enrich flood protection and river restoration projects all over the world.


    Invited papers

    Swiss strategy for integrated risk management: Approaches to flood protection and river restoration
    J. Hess, O. Overney & E. Gertsch

    Revitalization of rivers in Switzerland—a historical review
    Ch. Göldi

    Swiss contribution to bed load transport theories
    M.N.R. Jaeggi & D.L. Vischer

    Freeboard analysis in river engineering and flood mapping—new recommendations
    L. Hunzinger

    Alpine Rhine Project (Section River Ill—Lake Constance)
    M. Mähr, D. Schenk, M. Schatzmann & A. Meng

    Flood protection along the Alpine Rhone river: Overall strategy and 3rd correction project
    T. Arborino & J.-P. Jordan

    Flood control and revitalisation along the Aare river between Thun and Berne—experiences with recreational use and other conflicts of interest
    F. Witschi & B. Käufeler

    Flood characteristics and flood protection concepts in the Reuss catchment basin
    P. Billeter, M. Mende & J. Jenzer

    Innovative measures for management of bed load sediment transport: Case studies from alpine rivers in western Switzerland
    G. de Montmollin & A. Neumann

    Integrated flood forecasting and management system in a complex catchment area in the Alps—implementation of the MINERVE project in the Canton of Valais
    J. García Hernández, A. Claude, J. Paredes Arquiola, B. Roquier & J.-L. Boillat

    Flood protection and river restoration in the urban catchment basin of Cassarate river: An opportunity to restore public areas along an urban watercourse running through the city of Lugano
    L. Filippini, S.A. Ambroise & S. Peduzzi

    Intervention and management of floods in mountain rivers and torrents in the Bernese Oberland
    M. Wyss & N. Hählen

    Conference papers

    Driftwood retention in pre-alpine rivers
    L. Schmocker, R. Hunziker, U. Müller & V. Weitbrecht

    Design of a bed load and driftwood filtering dam, analysis of the phenomena and hydraulic design
    M. Bianco-Riccioz, P. Bianco & G. De Cesare

    Design of a diversion structure for the management of residual risks using physical model tests
    A. Magnollay, G. De Cesare, R. Sprenger, D. Siffert & P. Natale

    From vision to realisation—opportunities and challenges in restoring the river Bünz
    K. Steffen

    Physical modeling of the third stage of Aire River revitalisation project
    Z. Vecsernyés, N. Andreini, D. Consuegra & J.-L. Boillat

    Restoration of the Broye delta into the Lake of Morat (Salavaux, Switzerland)
    E. Bollaert, J. Duval, L. Maumary, S. André & P. Hohl

    Hydropeaking and fish migration—consequences and possible mitigation measures at the Schiffenen Dam
    D. Brunner & B. Rey

    Flow restoration in Alpine streams affected by hydropower operations—a case study for a compensation basin
    M. Bieri, M. Müller, S. Schweizer & A.J. Schleiss

    Morphodynamic changes in a natural river confluence due to a hydropower modified flow regime
    M. Leite Ribeiro, S. Wampfler & A.J. Schleiss

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    Anton J. Schleiss École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. Jürg Speerli Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil (HSR), Switzerland .Roger Pfammatter Schweizerischer Wasserwirtschaftsverband (SWV)/Association Suisse pour l’aménagement des eaux (ASAE), Switzerland.