1st Edition

Symbiosis of Government and Market The Private, the Public and Bureaucracy

Edited By Sadao Tamura, Minoru Tokita Copyright 2004
    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    190 Pages
    by Routledge

    In this volume, a group of international scholars address issues relating to community wellbeing and the role of politics, law and economics in Europe and Japan in achieving human-centred symbiotic governance. Case-studies and suggestions for reform are presented in the arenas of economy, government administration, management, university governance, health, agriculture, the environment and urban planning.
    This book will prove a useful tool to those in business research institutes, members of administrative research institutes, NGO's and non-profit organizaions while also providing students of business, Asian studies, politics and law with an insight into possible areas of reform.

    Part One: Interdisciplinary Research into Community Well-being and University Governance 1. University Governance Takayasu Okushima 2. Governance and Finance in Higher Education: Making German Universities More Autonomous Klaus Borchard Part Two: Concept of Community Well-being and its Implementation 3. Traumatic Outcomes: The Mental Health and Psychosocial Effects of Mass Violence Richard Mollica 4. New Developments in the Social Market Economy in Germany Peter Eichhorn Part Three: The Role of Politics, Law and Economics in Community Well-being 5. Synergistic Role Responses to Public Sphere Issues and Governance: Partnerships among Citizens, Private Enterprises and Government Administration Katsumi Yorimoto 6. On the Evolution of New Rules: The Case of Environmental Policies Raimund Bleischwitz 7. A Practical Model of Community Well-being: A Case Study of New Public Management in Japan Sadao Tamura 8. NPM and a Research Project of Symbiosis Koichiro Agata 9. Relationships within a University Cliff Pratten 10. Relationships within a University: From a Viewpoint of Management Science Minoru Tokita Part Four: Symbiotic Aspects of Governance 11. Symbiotic Mechanisms concerning Agricultural Policies Kenji Horiguci 12. A Study on the Roles of Citizen Groups in German Urban Planning: Case Study of Registered Associations for Transportation and Environmental Issues Morio Uzuki 13. Closing Remarks Kazuhiko Yamaki


    Sadao Tamura is Dean of the Graduate School of Social Sciences in Waseda University, Japan, where his current research interest lies in economics for positive health. Minoru Tokita is Professor of Management Science at Waseda University. He was the Dean of the School of Social Sciences at Waseda from 1994-1996. His current research area of interest is managerial decision making, with special reference to multicriteria decision analysis, problem structuring methods and preference modelling.