1st Edition

Synchronization and Control of Multiagent Systems

By Dong Sun Copyright 2010
    200 Pages 88 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    200 Pages 88 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Multiple intelligent agent systems are commonly used in research requiring complex behavior. Synchronization control provides an advantage in solving the problem of multi-agent coordination. This book focuses on the use of synchronization control to coordinate the group behavior of multiple agents. The author includes numerous real-world application examples from robotics, automation, and advanced manufacturing. Giving a detailed look at cross-coupling based synchronization control, the text covers such topics as adaptive synchronization control, synchronous tracking control of parallel manipulators, and minimization of contouring errors of CNC machine tools with synchronization controls.

    Outline of the Book
    Synchronization Strategy
    Concept of Synchronization
    Synchronization Control Goal
    Synchronization Errors
    Model-Free Synchronization Control of Multiple Motion Axes
    Problem Statement
    Position Synchronization Errors and Control Strategy
    Multiaxis Synchronization in Setpoint Position Control
    Multiaxis Synchronization in Tracking Control
    Synchronized Control of Multiaxis Systems in Trajectory Tracking
    Synchronization Strategy of Multiagent Motions
    Model-Based Cross-Coupling Synchronization Control
    Adaptive Synchronization Control
    Case Study: Adaptive Coupling Control of Two Working Operations in Computer Numerical Control Integrated Machine
    Adaptive Synchronization Control for Coordination of Multiple Robot Manipulators
    Motion Synchronization Strategy of Multiple Manipulators
    Adaptive Synchronization Control
    Case Studies: Experiments of Coordinating Two Industrial Manipulators; Simulations of Coordinating Multiple Manipulators
    Synchronization Control for Minimization of Contouring Errors of Computer Numerically Controlled Machine Tools
    Modeling of a Computer Numerical Control Machine Tool
    Contouring Errors and Synchronization Errors: Controller Formulation and Stability Analysis
    Synchronization Control of Parallel Robotic Manipulators
    Modeling and Synchronization Error of Parallel Manipulators
    Control Design
    A Synchronization Approach to Multirobot Formations
    Multirobot Formation via Synchronization
    Control Design: Synchronous Formation Controller
         Discussions: Boundedness; Adaptive Control for Robustness
    Multirobot Formation Experiments
    Case 1: Triangle Formation
    Case 2: Ellipse Formation

    Most chapters contain introductions, summaries, and references.


    Dong Sun