1st Edition

Syntax of Cities

By Peter F. Smith Copyright 1977
    274 Pages
    by Routledge

    274 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This book was first published in 1977.

    Part One: A Psychological Scenario

    1. Strategy and apologia

    2. Environment as medium

    3. The passive environment?

    4. Monotony in reverse

    5. Mind before environment

    6. The attitudinal model

    7. Left, right and centre

    8. Images in still waters

    9. Emotional needs and remedies

    10. Viva vulgarity! and other limbic values

    11. Line and shape

    12. Colour and texture

    Part Two: Towards a Concept of Value

    13. The aesthetic matrix

    14. Values in the aesthetic equation

    15. Aesthetics and emotion

    16. The aesthetics of symbolism

    17. Idealized distance

    18. Inductive space

    19. The gate and the arch

    20. The maze factor and urban accents

    21. Socially intensive urban space

    22. Epitome urbanism

    Part Three: From Theory to Practice

    23. The city and optimal mutation

    24. Images and fantasies

    25. The architect and the city

    26. Recent endeavours

    27. Interstitial architecture

    28. Interstitial tactics

    29. Urban contrasts

    30. Encore to aesthetics

    31. Towards the 'care and culture of man'


    Peter F. Smith (University of Nottingham and Leeds Metropolitan University, UK)