1st Edition

System Innovation for Sustainability 4 Case Studies in Sustainable Consumption and Production — Energy Use and the Built Environment

Edited By Saadi Lahlou Copyright 2011

    Buildings have a long lifetime, and so they are a major target for any structural changes in consumption patterns. Conversely, long lifetimes come with associated strong inertia. This book examines the opportunities to influence energy consumption in housing and buildings, and provides options for implementation at a macro, meso and micro level.

    1. Introduction Saadi Lahlou, EDF R&D, Clamart, France; London School of Economics and Political Science, London UK; Martin Charter and Tim Woolman, The Centre for Sustainable Design, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, UK; and Arnold Tukker, TNO Built Environment  2. Energy use in houses and buildings and sustainable consumption Saadi Lahlou, EDF R&D, France; London School of Economics and Political Science, UK Martin Charter and Tim Woolman, The Centre for Sustainable Design, UK  3. An innovative approach to designing zero-energy residential buildings in Boston: enhancing and monitoring learning Halina Szejnwald Brown, Clark University, USA and Philip J. Vergragt, Tellus Institute, USA; Clark University, USA  4. S-House: sustainable building utilising renewable resources – Factor 10 building with innovative solutions. Robert Wimmer and Myung-Joo Kang, Centre for Appropriate Technology, Austria  5. Rolf Disch's Solarsiedlung am Schlierberg: a solar housing estate in Freiburg; from architectural vision to entrepreneurial reality Rolf Wüstenhagen, Institute for Economy and the Environment, Switzerland  6. Delivering affordable and sustainable energy: the results of innovative approaches by Woking Borough Council, UK John P. Thorp, Group Managing Director, Thameswey Ltd, UK  7. Energy-saving performance contracting for federally owned public buildings: success factors from the Austrian perspective Ingrid Kaltenegger, Joanneum Research, Graz, Austria and Angelika Tisch, Inter-university Research Centre, Graz, Austria  8. Building Investment Decision Support (BIDS™) for green building technologies Vivian Loftness, Volker Hartkopf, Azizan Aziz, Megan Snyder, Joonho Choi and Xiaodi Yang, Carnegie Mellon University, USA  9. Consumer feedback: a helpful tool for stimulating electricity conservation? A review of experience Corinna Fischer, Institute for Applied Ecology, Freiburg, Germany  10. Lifestyle dynamics as a means toward the sustainability transition Fritz Reusswig, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PKI), Germany, Sylvia Lorek, Sustainable Europe Research Institute (SERI), Austria and Doris Fuchs, University of Münster, Germany  11. Conclusions: steps towards more sustainable energy use in housing Saadi Lahlou, Tim Woolman, Martin Charter and Arnold Tukker


    Saadi Lahlou