1st Edition

System Performance Evaluation
Methodologies and Applications

ISBN 9780849323577
Published March 24, 2000 by CRC Press
464 Pages

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Book Description

Throughout successive generations of information technology, the importance of the performance evaluation of software, computer architectures, and computer networks endures. For example, the performance issues of transaction processing systems and redundant arrays of independent disks replace the virtual memory and input-output problems of the 70s. ATM performance issues supercede those associated with electronic telephony of the 70s.
As performance issues evolve with the technologies, so must our approach to evaluation. In System Performance Evaluation: Methodologies and Applications, top academic and industrial experts review the major issues now faced in this arena. In a series of structured, focused chapters, they present the state-of-the-art in performance methodologies and applications. They address developments in analytical modeling and its interaction with detailed analysis of measurement data. They also discuss performance evaluation methodologies for large-scale software systems - in general and in the context of critical applications, such as nuclear reactor control and air transportation systems.
With its particular emphasis on network performance for wireless networks, the Internet, and ATM networking, System Performance Evaluation becomes the ideal vehicle for professionals in computer architecture, networking, and software engineering to stay up-to-date and proficient in this essential aspect of information technology.

Table of Contents

Rate Adapters with Bursty Arrivals and Rational Rate Reduction: Queueing Analysis
Internet Traffic: Periodically, Tail Behavior and Performance Implications
A Generalization of a TCP Model: Multiple Source-Destination Case with Arbitrary LAN as the Access Network
A Virtual Path Routing Algorithm for ATM Networks Based on the Equivalent Bandwidth Concept
Link Capacity Sharing Between Guaranteed and Best Effort Services
QoS Management with Delays and Cell Drops
Fluid Analysis of TCP Connections over ABR VCs
On the Exact Performance Analysis of Multicast Switches with Input Buffering
Performance Evaluation of a Scene-Base Model for VBR MPEG Traffic
Buffering vs. Smoothing for End-to-End QoS: Fundamental Issues and Comparison
Analysis o f a Time Division Multiplexing Method with Priorities
Web Traffic Modeling and Performance Comparison between HTTP1.0 and HTTP1.1
Average Bandwidth and Delay for Reliable Multicast
Time-Slot Allocation in Wireless TDMA
Maintaining Connectivity for Mobile Computing Applications in Cellular Systems with Multiple Traffic Classes and Mixed Platform Types
A Parallel Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for Capacitated Network Design Problems
A Unified Approach to the Analysis of Large-Scale Teletraffic Models
MRE: A Robust Method of Inference for Finite Capacity Queues
PniQ-A Concept for Performability Evaluation
Performance Analysis of Multi-Class Data Transfer Elements in Soft Real-Time Systems using Semaphore Queues
Hybrid Analysis of Non-Markovian Stochastic Petri Nets
A Performance Model for SPADES Specifications
Analysis of Commercial Workload on SMP Multiprocessors
Bayesian Belief Networks for Safety Assessment of Computer-Based Systems
Software Performance Validation Strategies
Performance Validation at Early Stages of Software Development
Impact of Workload Models in Evaluating the Performance of Distributed Web-Server Systems
Validation in the European Air Traffic Management Programme (EATMP)

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