1st Edition

Systems Analysis and Design: Techniques, Methodologies, Approaches, and Architecture

    For the last two decades, IS researchers have conducted empirical studies leading to better understanding of the impact of Systems Analysis and Design methods in business, managerial, and cultural contexts. SA & D research has established a balanced focus not only on technical issues, but also on organizational and social issues in the information society.This volume presents the very latest, state-of-the-art research by well-known figures in the field. The chapters are grouped into three categories: techniques, methodologies, and approaches.

    Series Editor's Introduction, Vladimir Zwass; Acknowledgments; 1. The State of Systems Analysis and Design Research, John Erickson and Keng Siau; PART I. TECHNIQUES FOR SYSTEMS ENGINEERING AND REQUIREMENTS ELICITATION; 2. Flow-Service-Quality (FSQ) Systems Engineering: A Discipline for Developing Network-Centric Information Systems, Alan Hevner, Richard Linger, Mark Pleszkoch, Stacy Prowell, and Gwendolyn Walton; 3. Requirements of Elicitation Techniques as Communication Channels: A Framework to Widen the Window of Understanding, Robert M. Fuller and Christopher J. Davis; PART II. METHODOLOGY FOUNDATION AND EVOLUTION OF SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN; 4. Iteration in Systems Analysis and Design: Cognitive Processes and Representational Artifacts, Nicholas Berente and Kalle Lyytinen; 5. A Framework for Identifying the Drivers of ISD Method Emergence, Sabine Madsen and Karlheinz Kautz; 6. Transition to Agile Software Development in a Large-Scale Project: A System Analysis and Design Perspective, Yael Dubinsky, Orit Hazzan, David Talby, and Arie Keren; PART III. AGENT-ORIENTED SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN METHODOLOGIES; 7. Agent-Oriented Information Systems Analysis and Design: Why and How, Paolo Giorgini, Manuel Kolp and John Mylopoulos; 8. Agent-Oriented Methods and Method Engineering, B. Henderson-Sellers; PART IV. NEW APPROACH AND ARCHITECTURE FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT; 9. Application of the Fact-Based Approach to Domain Modeling of Object-Oriented Information Systems, Kinh Nguyen and Tharam Dillon; 10. Systematic Derivation and Evaluation of Domain-Specific and Implementation-Independent Software Architectures, K. Suzanne Barber and Thomas Graser; 11. OO-Method: A Conceptual Schema-Centric Development Approach, Oscar Pastor, Juan Carlos Molina, Emilio Iborra Editors and Contributors; Series Editor; Index.


    Roger Chiang