1st Edition

Systems Architecting A Business Perspective

By Gerrit Muller Copyright 2011
    268 Pages 418 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    268 Pages 418 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Derived from industry-training classes that the author teaches at the Embedded Systems Institute at Eindhoven, the Netherlands and at Buskerud University College at Kongsberg in Norway, Systems Architecting: A Business Perspective places the processes of systems architecting in a broader context by juxtaposing the relationship of the systems architect with enterprise and management. This practical, scenario-driven guide fills an important gap, providing systems architects insight into the business processes, and especially into the processes to which they actively contribute.

    The book uses a simple reference model to enable understanding of the inside of a system in relation to its context. It covers the impact of tool selection and brings balance to the application of the intellectual tools versus computer-aided tools. Stressing the importance of a clear strategy, the authors discuss methods and techniques that facilitate the architect’s contribution to the strategy process. They also give insight into the needs and complications of harvesting synergy, insight that will help establish an effective synergy-harvesting strategy. The book also explores the often difficult relationship between managers and systems architects.

    Written in an approachable style, the book discusses the breadth of the human sciences and their relevance to systems architecting. It highlights the relevance of human aspects to systems architects, linking theory to practical experience when developing systems architecting competence.

    Process and Organization
    Process Decomposition of a Business
    Intermezzo: What Is a Process?
    Product Creation Process
    Intermezzo: The Importance of Feedback
    The Systems Architecting Process
    Intermezzo: Products, Projects, Services

    Role and Task of the Systems Architect
    The Awakening of a Systems Architect
    Intermezzo: Systems Titles and Roles
    The Role and Task of the Systems Architect
    Intermezzo: Dynamic Range of Abstraction Levels in Architecting
    Architecting Interaction Styles

    From Customer Understanding to Requirements
    CAFCR+: A Model to Relate Customer Needs to System Realization
    Fundamentals of Requirements
    Key Driver How to
    Requirements Elicitation and Selection

    Systems Architect Methods and Means
    Intermezzo: The Toolbox of the Systems Architect
    Basic Working Methods of an Architect
    Story How to

    Intermezzo: Business Strategy–Methods, and Models
    Intermezzo: Change Management–Introducing Systems Architecting Aspects
    Market Product Life-Cycle Consequences for Architecting

    Harvesting Synergy, Product Families
    Product Families and Generic Aspects
    A Method to Explore Synergy between Products

    Supporting Processes
    Systems Architects and Supporting Processes
    Granularity of Documentation
    Intermezzo: LEAN and A3 Approach to Supporting Processes

    Systems and Software
    The Role of Software in Systems
    System Integration: How

    Boardroom Presentation
    Intermezzo: Architect versus Manager; the Tense Relation
    How to Present Architecture Issues to Higher Management

    Human Side
    The Human Side of Architecting
    Function Profiles: The Sheep with Seven Legs
    Interpersonal Skills

    Reflection and Wrap-Up
    Reflection Applied on Systems Architecting

    Pictorial Index


    Gerrit Muller