1st Edition

Systems Engineering Guidebook A Process for Developing Systems and Products

By James N Martin Copyright 1996

    Systems Engineering Guidebook: A Process for Developing Systems and Products is intended to provide readers with a guide to understanding and becoming familiar with the systems engineering process, its application, and its value to the successful implementation of systems development projects. The book describes the systems engineering process as a multidisciplinary effort. The process is defined in terms of specific tasks to be accomplished, with great emphasis placed on defining the problem that is being addressed prior to designing the solution.

    Intended Users of this Book
    Definition of Systems Engineering
    SE and Concurrent Engineering
    SE Process Benefits
    Applications of the SE Process
    Key Elements of Systems Engineering
    Key Issues of Systems Engineering
    SE Process Tailoring
    Key Questions of Systems Engineering
    The Ideal Systems Engineer
    Systems Concepts
    Systems Terminology
    System Hierarchy
    Product Development
    Various Uses for the Building Block Structure
    The Nature of Requirements
    Process Concepts
    Relationship Between Process and Tools
    The PMTE Paradigm
    PMTE Element Definitions
    Distinction Between Process and Methods
    Systems Engineering Development Environment (SEDE)
    Mapping PMTE Relationships
    Roles of Technology and People
    Implications for Management
    Systems Engineering Process Overview
    SE Process Roles
    Systems Engineering Process
    Systems Engineering Process Elements
    Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP)
    Systems Engineering Master Schedule (SEMS) and Systems Engineering Detailed Schedule (SEDS)
    Other Aspects of Systems Engineering
    Systems Engineering Process Details
    Process Tailoring
    Graphical Notation
    Process Inputs and Outputs
    Activity Inputs and Outputs
    Systems Engineering Management Subprocess
    SE Planning Activity
    SE Control and Integration Activity
    Requirements and Architecture Definition Subprocess
    Requirements Analysis Activity
    Functional Analysis/Allocation Activity
    Synthesis Activity
    System Analysis and Optimization Activity
    Requirements and Architecture Documentation Activity
    System Integration and Verification (SI&V) Subprocess
    SI&V Planning Activity
    SI&V Development Activity
    SI&V Execution Activity
    Process Tailoring
    Tailoring Considerations
    General Guidance
    In-Depth Considerations
    SEMP Tailoring
    Specialty Engineering and Functional Discipline Tasks
    Tailoring Documentation
    Systems Engineering Process Support
    Case Studies and Examples
    International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE)
    Programmatic Application
    System Architecture
    Project Organization
    Cross-Project Issues
    Time Dependencies
    Appendix A: Definition of Systems Engineering
    Appendix B: The Multi-Disciplinary Team Concept
    Appendix C: DOD Acquisition Life Cycle
    Appendix D: SE Process Champion's Role
    Appendix E: Systems Engineering Life Cycle Models
    Appendix F: Technical Reviews and Audits
    Appendix G: In-Process Quality Inspections (IPQI)


    James N Martin (The Aerospace Corporation, Chantilly, Virginia, USA) (Author)