1st Edition

Systems of Systems Engineering Principles and Applications

Edited By Mo Jamshidi Copyright 2008
    496 Pages 158 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    As technology presses forward, scientific projects are becoming increasingly complex. The international space station, for example, includes over 100 major components, carried aloft during 88 spaces flights which were organized by over 16 nations. The need for improved system integration between the elements of an overall larger technological system has sparked further development of systems of systems (SoS) as a solution for achieving interoperability and superior coordination between heterogeneous systems.

     Systems of Systems Engineering: Principles and Applications provides engineers with a definitive reference on this newly emerging technology, which is being embraced by such engineering giants as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon. The book covers the complete range of fundamental SoS topics, including modeling, simulation, architecture, control, communication, optimization, and applications. Containing the contributions of pioneers at the forefront of SoS development, the book also offers insight into applications in national security, transportation, energy, and defense as well as healthcare, the service industry, and information technology.

    System of systems (SoS) is still a relatively new concept, and in time numerous problems and open-ended issues must be addressed to realize its great potential. THis book offers a first look at this rapidly developing technology so that engineers are better equipped to face such challenges.

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    Introduction to system of systems
    M. Jamshidi

    SoS architecture
    R. Cole

    Emergence of SoS, sociocognitive aspects
    B. G. McCarter and B. E. White

    A system-of-systems simulation framework and its applications
    F. Sahin, M. Jamshidi, and P. Sridhar

    Technology evaluation for system of systems
    P. T. Biltgen

    Enterprise system of systems
    G. Rebovich, Jr.

    Definition, classification, and methodological issues of system of systems
    M. Bjelkemyr, D. Semere, and B. Lindberg

    Policymaking to reduce carbon emissions: An application of system-of-systems perspective
    D. B. Agusdinata, L. Dittmar, and D. DeLaurentis

    Medical and health management system of systems
    Y. Hata, S. Kobashi, and H. Nakajima

    The microgrid as a system of systems
    L. R. Phillips

    An integrated intelligent decision support system based on sensor and computer networks
    Q. Wu, M. Zhu, N. S. V. Rao, S. S. Iyengar, R. R. Brooks, and M. Meng

    Defense applications of SoS
    C.E. Dickerson

    System of air vehicles
    R. Colgren

    System of autonomous rovers and their applications
    F. Sahin, B. Horan, S. Nahavandi, V. Raghavan, and M. Jamshidi

    Space applications of system of systems
    D. S. Caffall and J. B. Michael

    Airport operations: A system-of-systems approach
    S. Nahavandi, D. Creighton, M. Johnstone, and V. T. Le

    Knowledge amplification by structured expert randomization—KASERs in SoS design
    S. H. Rubin

    System-of-systems standards
    M. A. Johnson



    Jamshidi, Mo