1st Edition

Tackling Cyberbullying and Related Problems Innovative Usage of Games, Apps and Manga

Edited By Yuichi Toda, Insoo Oh Copyright 2021
    150 Pages
    by Routledge

    168 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This book looks at innovative tools developed by Japanese and Korean researchers and practitioners to tackle cyberbullying and internet-related problems (addiction, cybercrimes, etc.). The contributors have created preventative and intervention measures for children using games, apps, manga and anime videos, which are more accessible for children than textbooks or classroom-based lessons. The contributors cover their experiences of developing these new approaches with children, parents and teachers as well as giving insights and evidence into how these innovative techniques and methods work. By sharing their expertise, the authors hope to contribute to further improvements of games, apps, manga and anime and to improve the safety of children online.

    Foreword (Zhang Wenxin)  1: Traditional/Cyber bullying and Internet-mediated problems in South Korea and Japan (Yuichi Toda and Insoo Oh)  2: Theories and research on traditional/cyberbullying and Internet-mediated problems (Yuichi Toda, Insoo Oh, Toshiro Trusuta, and Tomoyuki Kanetsuna)  3: Level of Immersion in Media Experience (LIME) model (Akihiko Ieshima) 4: Positive use of visual media to understand and prevent bullying: The popularity and possibility of manga (Akihiko Ieshima, Yi-Shan Tsai, Brent Allison, and Tomoya Yamamoto)  5: Effective approaches utilizing games and apps to prevent traditional and cyberbullying: Theoretical foundation and literature review (Insoo Oh)  6: Development of a cyberbullying prevention game “Angry Daddy”(Hyung Sup Yoon)  7: The Application of Anti-bullying Smartphone Apps for Preventing Bullying in South Korea (Insoo Oh)  8: Challenging moral disengagement caused by anonymity: Japanese preventive practices (Tomoyuki Kanetsuna and Kazuhiko Ishihara)  9: Commentary: From Thai perspective (Ruthaychonnee Sittichai and Ram Herkanaidu)  10: Commentary from Norway (Natalia Kucirkova)  11: Commentary: From North American perspective (Samuel Y. Kim and Stephanie Fredrick)


    Yuichi Toda is Professor of Education at Osaka Kyoiku University, Japan.

    Insoo Oh is Professor in the College of Education at Ewha Womans University, South Korea.