1st Edition

Tailored Polymers and Applications

Edited By Yagci, Mishra, Nuyken, Ito, Wnek Copyright 2000

    This book contains a selection of papers presented at APME '99 ( Third International Symposium on Advanced Polymers via Macromolecular Engineering --- Colonial Williamsburg, VA, USA, July/August 1999). The book focuses on the synthesis of targeted polymers with specific properties using macromolecular architecture. Various controlled polymerization techniques such as ionic, metathesis and recently developed 'living'/controlled polymerization and some of their combinations are covered. Polymers with different topologies such as block and graft copolymers, hyper branched polymers, heteroarm polymers, dentrimers, segmented networks and supramolecular systems are presented with emphasis on the special characteristics that influence their amphiphilic, liquid crystalline, complexation, thermo- and photosensitive and catalytic properties. The uses of such macromolecular structures in various fields such as surface modifiers, catalysts and coating and biomedical applications are also discussed.

    Preface Amphiphilic polymers for micellar networks R. Weberskirch and O. Nuyken Amphiphilic poly(ethylene oxide) macromonomers, polymerization and copolymerization K. Ito, M. Maniruzzaman, H. Nishimura, T. Hattori, K. Tano and S. Kawaguchi Synthetic strategies to access linear and branched amphiphilic copolymers based on polystyrene and poly(ethylene oxide) D. Taton and Y. Gnanou Arborescent polymers: Designed macromolecules with a dentritic structure M. Gauthier Towards functional metallo-supramolecular assemblies and polymers U.S. Schubert Syntheses and functions of glycopeptide surface-modified dendrimers M. Okada, K. Aoi and K. Tsutsumiuchi ''Perfectly branched'' hyperbranched polymers G. Maier, C. Zech, B. Voit and H. Komber Preparation and properties of heteroarm polymers and graft copolymers of poly(ethylene oxide) and polystyrene by macromonomer method Y. Tsukahara, M. Takatsuka, K. Hashimoto and K. Kaeriyama Simultaneous block copolymerization via macromolecular engineering. One-step, one-pot initiation of living free radical and cationic polymerization D.Y. Sogah, R.D. Puts, O.A. Scherman and M.W. Weimer Selection of polymeric materials for biomedical applications M. El Fray Synthesis and thermo-responsive properties of poly(N-vinyl caprolactam)/polyether segmented networks N.A. Yanul, Y.E. Kirsh, S. Verbrugghe, E.J. Goethals and F.E. Du Prez Poly(rotaxane)s as building blocks for the preparation of cyclodextrin-containing membranes L. Duvignac and A. Deratani Design, synthesis and uses of phosphazene high polymers H.R. Allcock, J.M. Nelson, C.R. deDenus and I. Manners Design, synthesis and thermal behavior of liquid crystalline block copolymers by using transformation reactions I.E. Serhatli, Y. Hepuzer, Y. Yagci, E. Chiellini, A. Rosati and G. Galli Application of chiral polybinaphthyl-based Lewis acid catalysts to the asymmetric organozinc additions to aldehydes L. Pu Polymer-protected metal nanocatalysts A.B.R. Mayer and J.E. Mark ATRP ''living''/controlled radical grafting of solid particles to create new properties H. Böttcher, M.L. Hallensleben, R. Janke, M. Klüppel, M. Müller, S. Nuss, R.H. Schuster, S. Tamsen and H. Wurm Functionalization of polymers prepared by ''living'' free radical polymerization E. Beyou, P. Chaumont, C. Devaux, N. Jarroux and N. Zydowicz Functional beaded polymers via metathesis polymerization: Concepts and applications M.R. Buchmeiser, F. Sinner and M. Mupa Electron-beam initiated cationic polymerization J.V. Crivello, T.C. Walton and R. Malik Complexation behavior of diazosulfonate polymers K.E. Geckeler, O. Nuyken, U. Schnöller, A. Thünemann and B. Voit Surface modification of silica particles and glass beads R.M. Ottenbrite, H. Bin, J. Wall and J.A. Siddiqui Molecular design of polymers containing metallo-porphyrin moieties as photoactive function M. Kamachi


    V. Vagci, M.K. Mishra