1st Edition

Take a Look at a Good Book

By Steven Kahan Copyright 1996
    132 Pages
    by Routledge

    130 Pages
    by Routledge

    "Take A Look At A Good Book" is the third book in a series. The popular features of the two earlier books, "Have Some Sums to Solve" and "At Last!! Encoded Totals, Second Addition", have been retained in "Take A Look At A Good Book". The thirty-eight puzzles presented in Section 1, along with the cover, dedication, and preface puzzles, all fall into the special subcategory of additive alphametics. Each of their sums has a unique decoding, sometimes insured by the imposition of an initial condition.

     Narrative Alphametics
     from A to Z
     pun, pun, pun
     on a count
     array, array
     dynamic duos
     marking time
     in a word
     fifty's not nifty
     as a matter of fact
     rhyme time
     identity crisis
     generation gap
     all mixed up
     home sweet home
     ready, set, go
     nothing but the truth
     ideal doubly-true alphametics
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