1st Edition

Talcott Parsons on Economy and Society

By Bryan S. Turner, Robert J. Holton Copyright 2015
    290 Pages
    by Routledge

    286 Pages
    by Routledge

    'In this remarkable collection of essays, Holton and Turner demonstrate that Parsonian sociology addresses the most central problems of our time – issues of sickness and health, power and inequality, the nature of capitalism and its possible alternatives. They develop a mature and original perspective on Parsons as the only classical theorist who avoided crippling nostalgia. Holton and Turner not only talk about Parsonian sociology in a profound and insightful way, they do it, and do it well. As sociology moves away from the rigid dichotomies of earlier debate, this book will help point the way.' – Jeffrey Alexander, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Sociology, UCLA

    1. Talcott Parsons and the Theory of Economy and Society  2. Sickness and Social Structure: Parsons' Contribution to Medical Sociology  3. Parsons, Schutz and the Problem of Verstehen  4. Parsons and his Critics: On the Ubiquity of Functionalism  5. Against Nostalgia: Talcott Parsons and a Sociology for the Modern World


    Robert J. Holton, Bryan S. Turner