1st Edition

Talking Politics A Wordbook

By A. W. Sparkes Copyright 1994

    Talking Politics is a philosophical examination of some of the basic concepts of political discourse. Its primary focus is on the ordinary; on what is said by politicians, in newspapers and by people in pubs, rather than on the works of political theorists. This is a work of, but not on political theory.
    Talking Politics is:

    * Invaluable as a source of reference for students, and contains a detailed index

    * Arranged thematically, around topics such as `Nation'. Each entry has copious cross-references and suggestions for further reading

    A. W. Sparkes is uniquely qualified to write such a book, combining some thirty years' teaching as a philosopher with wide experience of, and a life-long fascination with, politics. His attitude is that of a critical, but uncynical, observer.


    A. W. Sparkes

    ` ... a fascinating book .. both interesting and stimulating to a good student.' - Talking Politics

    '... timely and relevant. Quite apart from being a resource which will be useful for the classroom at Key Stages 2 and 3, the book is interesting to the general reader and the aspiring writer ... as a resource to support reading of popular authors, and as an insight into the life of writers, it is highly recommended.' N - Educational Review