1st Edition

Target Organ Toxicity, Volume I

By Cohen Copyright 1986

    This two-volume set provides essential information on the general princi-ples of target organ toxicity. Pharmacokinetics, metabolic activation and key defense mechanisms, excretion, species variation, and tissue-specific biochemistry are explored comprehensively. These general principles are then illustrated using specific examples of toxicity to different target organs and systems. DNA modifi-cation and repair in tumor induction, and specificity in tumor initiation are also examined. Of primary interest to toxicologist, pharma-cologists, biochemists, and environmental toxicologists.

    Basic Principles of Target Organ Toxicity. Role of Pharmacokinetics in Rationalizing Tissue Distortion. Role of Metabolic Activation in Target Organ Toxicity. Role of Excretion. Species Variation in Target Organ Toxicity. Importance of Tissue-Specific Biochemistry in Determination of Target Organ Toxicity. Role of Key Defense Systems in Target Organ Toxicity. Liver as a Organ for Toxicity. Index.