1st Edition

Targeting the Powerful International Prospect Research

By Vanessa Hack Copyright 1997

    Any organisation that wishes to tap into the wealth and influence of the rich and powerful needs to know as much about them as possible. Prospect research, already used by fund-raisers with considerably success in the United States and elsewhere to target key people, can make all the difference to the success or failure of the initial approach.

    Targeting the Powerful is a highly practical guide to prospect research, written by a leading expert. It explains how to conduct in-depth research into a person, company or charitable organization, and how to use the information to recommend a line of approach most likely to succeed.

    Contents: What is prospect research?; Setting up a prospect research department; Online, CD-Rom, the Internet or paper?; Ethics, security and confidentiality; Day-to-day questions; Marketing your organization to the prospect; People; Company information; Foundations and trusts; International comparisons; A report on a new country; General sources for a new country; Specific international resources; The United Kingdom; Western Europe and Scandinavia; Central and Eastern Europe; Asia-Pacific; The United States; Canada; The rest of the world; Addresses; Index.

    Chapter 1 What is Prospect Research?; Chapter 2 Setting up a Prospect Research Department; Chapter 3 Online, CD-ROM, the Internet or Paper?; Chapter 4 Ethics, Security and Confidentiality; Chapter 5 Day to day Questions; Chapter 6 Finding the Prospects; Chapter 7 Marketing Your Organisation to the Prospect; Chapter 8 People; Chapter 9 Company Information; Chapter 10 Foundations and Trusts; Chapter 11 International Comparisons; Chapter 12 A Report on a New Country; Chapter 13 General Sources for a New Country; Chapter 14 Specific International Resources; Chapter 15 The United Kingdom; Chapter 16 Western Europe and Scandinavia; Chapter 17 Central and Eastern Europe; Chapter 18 Asia-Pacific; Chapter 19 The United States; Chapter 20 Canada; Chapter 21 The Rest of the World; Chapter 22 Addresses;


    Vanessa Hack

    "Strongly recommended to anyone involved in prospect research." -- Managing Information