Task-centred practice is a forward thinking, goal-orientated approach to social work. It is a practice-based approach built on research which reflects the new mood being developed in the social work field, and it has now been successfully used in a wide variety of settings and circumstances. The theme of Task-Centred Social Work is partnership; exploring the principles on which task-centred practice is based, while offering clear and practical guidance for work, whether with people who seek help with social problems, or with those who are ’involuntary clients’. The book describes in detail the sequence of work to help clients move from present problems to future goals. This is illustrated by a case study which runs through the chapters and uses an imaginative recording style. Checklists and bibliographies are also used to aid understanding. The authors respond to the model's critics and explore both the scope and the limitations of the task-centred practice. Social professionals, whether working in practice or in training settings will find this book an invaluable aid to the development of successful social practice work.

    Contents: Introduction; A practice model; The mandate for work; Exploring problems; The written agreement; Tasks; Ending the work; Pointers for practice; Appendices; References; Index.


    Doel, Mark; Marsh, Peter

    ’...penetrating clarity of thought. This book could be of use to other professionals working in areas allied to social work, such as health visitors or general practitioners.’ The Vocational Aspect of Education ’...this book could help to change matters and deserves to be widely read.’ Issues in Social Work Education